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Unrest in Lagos after Nigerian forces 'open fire on protesters'

There were violent clashes at an End Sars demonstration and protestors claim the army opened fire 'to kill'.

Buildings have been set aflame and there are reports of gunfire in Nigeria's biggest city after demonstrators were shot at a protest.

Rights group Amnesty International said at least 12 people were killed by soldiers and police in Lagos on Tuesday.

Nigeria's army dismissed the reports as "fake news" in a post on Twitter.

Authorities have imposed an indefinite round-the-clock curfew on the city and elsewhere, but some defied the order.

Protests against a police unit have been taking place for two weeks. Demonstrators have been using the social media hashtag #EndSars to rally crowds against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars).

President Muhammadu Buhari disbanded Sars on 11 October. But protests have continued, with demands for more changes in the security forces, as well as reforms to the way the country is run.

Witnesses have told the BBC what they saw when men in military camouflage opened fire on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, buildings were set alight across Lagos and police put up roadblocks. A major Nigerian TV station with links to a ruling party politician was on fire after people attacked it with petrol bombs.

Police in different districts of the city fired shots in the air to disperse protesters defying the curfew, the BBC's Nduka Orjinmo reports from the capital, Abuja. He also reports that the palace of the most senior traditional leader in the city was looted, though the leader had been evacuated beforehand.

What happened in Lagos?

Witnesses said uniformed men opened fire on a crowd of around 1,000 demonstrators in the wealthy Lekki suburb on Tuesday.

Soldiers were seen barricading the protest site moments before the shooting, BBC Nigeria correspondent Mayeni Jones reports. Social media footage streamed live from the scene shows protesters tending to the wounded.


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My view: Nigerian working politicians are unbelievably corrupt, they are heartless souls, uncaring, unsympathetic, greedy and selfish. I don't get how Senators earn N45million (£90,000) a month, yet millions of jobless and vulnerable people do not receive help from their government i.e Income Support/unemployment benefit and no student loan for undergraduates. Buhari's government should give Jobseekers allowance/Housing benefit to unemployed Nigerians. The protests isn't just about #EndSars, it is also about extreme poverty.


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