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27-year-old Woman stabbed in £4,000,000 flat had been ‘partying there for hours’

Kamonnan Thiamphanit was killed on Monday (Picture: Met Police)

A woman was stabbed to death inside a multi-million pound London flat where she had been partying for hours, neighbours have claimed.

She was found inside the home after neighbours had heard screams the night before.

Kamonnan – who was known to her friends as Angela – died due to ‘sharp force trauma’ a post-mortem examination carried out yesterday revealed.

Neighbours reported hearing loud music and shouting late into Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday morning, hours before police arrived.

A resident told the Daily Mail the property, where Ethiopia’s Embassy was based in the past, is being rented out as an Airbnb-style holiday let.

He added: ‘All kinds of people rent it for a few days. In early March there were three women in the house who partied over the weekend and made lots of noise.‘A Swedish family were in the property over Easter.

‘I’ve never seen the victim and she wouldn’t have been in the house for very long. She would have come after Easter because this family were in the house before that.’

Recalling the events of the weekend he said: ‘We heard a lot of loud music coming from the house and it sounded as if they were having quite a party.’

A woman who lives close to the flat told the ‘I heard two very high pitched screams on Sunday evening. I’d never heard a sound like that before.

‘I’m scared sh**less, I’ve got a triple lock on the door anyway. There aren’t any real feelings, I feel numb. I do have a heightened sense of paranoia. You feel vulnerable.

‘It’s usually very quiet very stable. The brother of the Pakistani ambassador had his offices across the road. We had demos and screaming all the time.

‘When I heard the screams I froze for a while, what can I do? It was just shocking. If I’d heard it a third time, I would have gone to the window.’

Her friends contacted police to say they were worried about her on Sunday night but they did not find her body until yesterday morning.

The neighbour, who has lived on the street for over half a century, told the MailOnline: ‘I was in my room and I thought, “That’s very strange”. Then I recall there was a sound from the other side of my house.

‘What could I do? If it had continued I would have stuck my head out.

‘Apparently they’ve turned the rooms into Airbnbs. My neighbour was leaving her flat yesterday (Monday) morning and saw the police beating the door down.

‘We saw two forensics trucks and we knew it was serious… We knew it was murder. I’ve always been so paranoid living here, but nothing like this has ever happened before.

‘Things have gotten worse in London recently. It’s becoming dangerous.’

A builder working opposite also claimed he had been told it was an Airbnb – although there was no listing on the short let website for a property in Stanhope Place. 

It is thought the victim may have known her attacker, the Mail has reported, as the five-storey house has a video entry system at the front door – and there was no sign of forced entry before police entered on Monday morning. 

The five bedroom terraced home – which dates from the 1820s and is Grade II-listed as being of historic interest – is set over three floors.

A hotel owner in the street said the property was rented but was unaware of the identity of the occupier. 

Detective Chief Inspector Adam Clifton said: ‘My team continues to work tirelessly to piece together the events that led to Kamonnan’s murder.

‘I would like to thank local residents for their patience while we have gone about our work at the scene.

Credit: metro

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