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raw food influencer Maxim Lyutyi, 44, who let newborn son starve to death on ‘sunshine diet’ jailed for 8 years

A Russian influencer has been jailed for causing the death of his newborn after demanding he should live on sunlight instead of food.

Lifestyle blogging father Maxim Lyutyi, 44, will now serve eight years in a high-security penal colony.

The mad father now faces eight years in prison

His one-month-old son died from "pneumonia and emaciation" due to poor feeding habits.

Lyutyi has been found guilty of causing “intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm” by insisting the baby be nourished mainly on sunlight, the court in Sochi heard.

The Russian father wanted to raise the newborn on prana-eating — a diet in which people go without food and water for a long time and "feed on the sun".

He is also guilty of barring his wife from breastfeeding the child.

“He wanted to experiment on the child, feed him purely with the sun, and then advertise it to others that this is how you can eat,” said one source.

He took the baby away from his mother for a day at a time “dousing him with cold water to harden him," reported Mash news outlet.

“But even in this condition, the child was not shown to doctors.”

“The little body could not withstand the abuse: exhaustion developed and breathing problems appeared.

He admitted his guilt in a final court appearance and said the death was caused due to his "negligence".

“I admit my guilt,” he said. 

“If I knew that my son was born prematurely, that his mother had contraindications for pregnancy, then at the first symptoms of the child’s illness.

“I would immediately contact a hospital, regardless of the wishes and beliefs of the mother…”

He urged would-be partners to care for their health before conception and pay more attention to the baby than he had done. 

On video he said: “Your Honour, distinguished court, I still insist [I did not deliberately kill my child…]

“This is purely a crime of negligence…without such intent.

“I emphasise once again that I loved my son, cared for him.”

A court official said Lyutyi was also fined £860.

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Previously, Lyutyi had sought to pin the blame on his partner who had already received a non-custodial sentence of two years of “correctional labour”.

He had claimed she had an iron deficiency as a result of her dietary choices that caused the death of the baby, which weighed just three-and-a-half pounds.

Lyutyi's lawyer Alexey Avanesyan told the court: "Several years before meeting Lyutyi, Mironova opted for the vegan lifestyle.

"Premature babies, children of mothers suffering from iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy, are at risk."

Yet Lyutyi was found to be eating meat and pasta with stew, ignoring his own strictures, as he was held in a Russian detention jail for more than a year since the baby’s death.

Mironova's mother, Galina, accused the sinister Lyutyi of running a “sect”.

“I was against my daughter being in this sect,” she said.

“I felt everything, and told her that Maxim was crazy, but she didn't listen to me.

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“Oxana lived there like a guinea pig. She was his slave.”

Another of Mironiva's relatives, who remains anonymous, said she was "afraid" of Lyutyi - known to be a “radical raw food fanatic”.

“She wanted to leave him many times, but he held her back…," they said.

“He wanted to raise [his son into] a man who only eats the sun.”

Oxana’s cousin, Olesya Nikolayeva, added: “He forced her not to feed the baby.

“Her boyfriend believed that the sun was feeding the baby.

“Oxana was secretly trying to breastfeed the baby, but she was very afraid of Maxim.

“How is it possible to feed the baby with sunlight? A baby needs his mother's milk.”

Lyutyi had delivered the child at home, refusing to let Oxana go to a maternity hospital.

They eventually decided to take the emaciated child to doctors but it was too late and the baby died on the way on March 8, 2023.

Lyuti had previously sought to pin the blame on his partner Oxana Mironova, 34

Credit: thesun


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