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Single-mum's-heartbreaking-plea-after-being-diagnosed-with-incurable-breast cancer

A single mum has issued a heartbreaking plea to raise funds for alternative treatment after being diagnosed with incurable cancer. Victoria Baillon, 37, from Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, is fighting to prolong her life with Stage 4 cancer so that she has more time with her two children.

Victoria is yet to tell her young kids, Austin, eight, and Eva, six, anything about her debilitating illness - but will be explaining to them "as soon as possible" as the progression of the disease has become very serious. Victoria told the Mirror: "My children are my whole world, I adore them so much.

"Every time I see their happy faces they make me feel so loved and I realise why I need to fight as hard as I can and stay determined."

The mum-of-two was first diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in November 2020, where she underwent a mastectomy and presumed she had the all-clear.

Then Victoria's health deteriorated as the cancer appeared in other areas of her body such as her neck, spine, liver and lungs.

Despite being told that she wouldn't be able to stand for a year, Victoria amazed everyone with her extraordinary strength and courage to stand, walk, dance and even run.

After further investigations and tests, doctors revealed in December that the treatment wasn't working and she had advanced Stage 4 metastasis to the bone.

In an emotional plea to her Instagram followers on @life_with_victoria_charlotte, Victoria said: "They cannot be left without their mummy, I care for them and love them so very much and I'm pleading from the bottom of my heart for you to give anything you can to have them with me for as long as possible."

Friends of Victoria have raised £22,000 for an oxygen chamber but she still needs £40,000 for immunotherapy that isn't offered in the UK.


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