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Shamima Begum says she’d rather die than return to ISIS as she begs for forgiveness

Shamima Begum has asked to face trial in the UK instead of ‘rotting away’ in a Syrian prison camp (Picture: ITV)

ISIS bride Shamima Begum has apologised for joining the terror group in an extraordinary live TV interview.

Wearing lipstick, a grey vest top and baseball cap, the 22-year-old told Good Morning Britain (GMB) she was ‘groomed and taken advantage of’ when she left the UK for Syria at 15.

She said that at the time she did not know ISIS ‘was a death cult’.

‘I thought it was an Islamic community that I was joining’, she said.

‘I was being fed a lot of information on the internet by people in ISIS telling me I need to come because I can’t be a good Muslim in the UK.’

When asked what she was expecting to happen when she left Britain, she said she thought she would ‘just get married, have children and live a pure Islamic life’.

‘I knew there was war but not in places women and children were living.

‘I thought it would be safe for me. I did not know ISIS wanted to take over the world.’

She has been revoked of her British citizenship on the grounds of national security (Picture: BBC)

Asked whether she was groomed by ISIS, Shamima replied: ‘I think yes, I was groomed and taken advantage of and manipulated into coming.’

Now living in a prison camp north of Syria, where she is being detained, the former east London schoolgirl said she ‘would rather die’ than go back to the terror group.

Shamima said: ‘I am completely sorry for anyone that has been affected by ISIS, I no way agree or try to justify what they did.

‘It’s not justifiable to kill innocent people in the name of religion. I just want to apologise. I am sorry.’

When asked if she was asking the British public to forgive her, and why they should give her another chance, she said: ‘I am asking the British public to forgive me because I made a mistake at a very young age.

‘Most young people don’t know what to do with their lives and they are confused and they can easily fall into things like this.

‘I know its hard for the British public to try and forgive me because they have lived in fear of ISIS and lost loved ones because of ISIS, but I have also lived in fear and lost loved ones because of ISIS so I can sympathise with them in that way.’

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