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First victim of Channel tragedy is confirmed as a bride-to-be forced on doomed dinghy at gunpoint

Smugglers threatened to shoot migrants, including bride-to-be Mariam Nouri Dargalayi (pictured with fiance), unless they boarded the doomed dinghy that went down in Channel

Ruthless smugglers threatened to shoot migrants – including a bride-to-be – unless they boarded the overcrowded dinghy that went down in the Channel this week, friends said yesterday.

Up to 50 people were supposed to board two boats ahead of the fatal voyage – but one vessel suffered engine trouble, those stuck in camps in France claimed.

Rather than curtail the trip that would have netted them tens of thousands of pounds, the gun-toting gang corralled the migrants into one boat, it was said.

The chilling details emerged as more were named among those feared drowned in Wednesday's tragedy off the coast of Calais.

The first confirmed dead was 24-year-old student Mariam Nouri Dargalayi, who was recently engaged and was trying to reach her fiance in Britain.

It comes as Emmanuel Macron’s outburst at Boris Johnson yesterday over the death of 27 migrants in the Channel could lead to more lives lost.

In an extraordinary fit of pique, the French government withdrew Priti Patel’s invitation to a crisis meeting tomorrow after the Prime Minister published a five-point action plan.

The family of 27-year-old Deniz Ahmed Mohammed (pictured) said he left them a final voicemail saying 'just pray for us'

President Macron accused the PM of breaking protocol by tweeting an open letter to him after three children, seven women and 17 men died when their dinghy sank off Calais on Wednesday.

Known to her family as Baran, she travelled from northern Iraq via Germany to the French coast.

Fiance Karzan Asad, who is said to have British citizenship and is now working as a barber in Bournemouth, said: 'I am in a very bad state. It is very sad for me, and for everyone.

'I had continuous contact with my wife and I was tracking her live with GPS. After four hours and 18 minutes, from the moment she went into that boat, I think they were in the middle of the sea, then I lost her.

'She was a happy person. Someone went to see her body in France, so I know it's her.'

Last night a cousin in Iraq, Krmanj Ezzat, said: 'Her mother and father are totally devastated. The situation is just awful.

She was a woman in the prime of her life. It's a total tragedy and the whole family are in shock.