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Chilling video shows Nashville school shooter storm building armed with assault rifles

This is the chilling moment that CCTV shows a US school shooter storming a building armed with two assault rifles.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale drove to the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and shot six people dead.

Of the dead, three were just nine-years-old and three were adults.

The 28-year-old was killed by police at the scene after the latest school horror massacre in the country.

Police searched Hale's house and found a detailed map of the school, including potential entry points and evidence they had carried out surveillance before the shooting.

Authorities also described them as a "lone zealot", who had written a manifesto ahead of the attack which took place shortly after 10am local time yesterday.

Hale is believed to be a former student at The Covenant School in Nashville, where they used two assault rifles and a pistol to kill.

But now Nashville PD have released CCTV footage showing them arriving at the school, and storming it.

Hale can be seen driving through the sunny car park of the private Christian school, past unknowing bystanders and even a children’s park at one point.

Then they can be seen blasting through the doors of the school, shattering glass before Hale, a transgender male who uses he/him pronouns, picks his way through and into the school.

Wearing a red hat, a tactical vest and carrying the guns, he can then be seen walking up and down the school’s corridors, seemingly searching for people to kill.

At one point Hale walks past what appears to be a reception, alongside a sign for the ‘Children’s Ministry’.

The dead were identified by police as Evelyn Dieckhaus, William Kinney, and Hallie Scruggs, all aged nine, and Cynthia Peak, 61, a substitute teacher, Mike Hill, 61, a janitor, and Dr Katherine Koonce, 60, who was the head of the school.

The first calls to police went in at 10.13am and officers scrambled to the campus and found Hale on the second floor where he shot at officers on their arrival.

A team of officers encountered Hale on the second floor in a common area and fired back, fatally wounding him and police described the attack as “calculated and planned”.

Police also found two more guns, a sawed-off shotgun, and a second shotgun, at his home during the search.

Hale was said to have come to the school with a “significant” amount of ammunition and police found additional written material in the Honda Fit he drove to the school.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said: “We have a manifesto, we have some writings we’re going over that

“We have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.

“There’s right now a theory that we may be able to talk about later but it’s not confirmed, and so we’ll put that out as soon as we can.”

When speaking to reporters, he added: “At one point she was a student at that school. But unsure what year ... but that’s what I’ve been told so far."

Meanwhile, it has also emerged that the mum of the Nashville school shooter had vehemently campaigned to prevent mass shootings in the classroom.

Audrey Hale’s mum previously urged her friends to join her in signing petitions to ‘Keep Guns Out of Schools” and “Make large-capacity gun magazines illegal’ on her Facebook page.

Devout Christian Norma Fort Hale, a church worker, told her followers backing the campaigns was “so important”.

She made the pleas to her friends in February and March, spurred on by the tragic 2012 Sandy Hook massacre in which 26 pupils and staff were shot dead by Adam Lanza.

District Attorney General Glenn R. Funk said: "This is the ultimate crime."

He also said that a vehicle left nearby the crime scene gave police clues to the shooter's identity.

MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron described the scene in a media briefing: "The shooting happened at 10.13am. The shooting didn't happen in a classroom.

"Officers went to the gunfire. When they got to the second floor and saw the shooter, a female. There was a five-member unit that was on the second floor at the time.

"We know at this point that this shooter is a female and appears to be in her teens. Her identification isn't confirmed.

"She had two assault rifles and a handgun. She entered the school through a side entrance and went from the first school to the second floor. By 10:27 am, the shooter was dead."

Mike Hill was among those shot dead by Hale ( Image: Twitter)

Katherine Koonce, headteacher at the school, was killed ( Image:The Covenant School)


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