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England Football Legend Gazza-Paul Gascoigne, 49, Wasting And Boozing His Life Away And Looking Like

Football hero,Paul Gascoigne, with a cut on his head, to wasting away by drinking his life out.

Look at what booze has turned Paul Gascoigne into!!!! an old frumpy man looking disoriented with a cigarrette in his mouth

Gazza on his way to the shop to buy more booze- (Gin)

Paul getting off the Taxi with no shoes on.

He's only, 49 ,years old but looking, 85, thanks to the booze he can't do without.

England hero to a sorry sight Paul, because after his rehab treatment in USA he went straight back to what he knows how to do best- booze.

Paul, 49, pictured disorientated flashing his dignity to the public and looking like an 85-year- old pensioner.

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