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12-year-old Aleema Alli suffers burns across face and body after head lice shampoo catches fire

After coming home from boarding school for Christmas with head lice, Aleema Ali turned to a medicated shampoo to get rid of them.

But while she waited the recommended five minutes for the solution to work, she went to take the rubbish out in the kitchen.

Her mum was cooking at the time and neither of them realised that the stuff on Aleema’s hair was extremely flammable.

As the then 12-year-old walked past the cooker, her hair caught fire and her head was quickly engulfed in flames.

She was rushed to hospital and taken to intensive care where she had to be placed in a coma for two months. Now four years on, Aleema, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, has slowly rebuilt her life and she is now studying A-levels in college.

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