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NICKI MINAJ suffers Catastrophic wardrobe malfunction as she takes to the stage in extremely-tight P

Nicki Minaj suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as she took to the stage at the weekend.

Nicki's daring PVC knickers left very little to the imagination as she performed at the 2018 BET Awards

The singer's outfit featured a plunging neckline to show off her cleavage, tight leather knickers that showcased her private part, and a little skirt around her waist, and she completed the look with thigh-high boots.

See pictures and video below

Nicki's knickers looks so tight, (camel toe)

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My view: I don't get how Hollywood can continue to shout #MeToo when you have celebs almost naked on the red carpet and stage, they don't want men to look and comment about their appearance, yet they dress provocatively and trashy to important occassions. Now some singers are complaining that their concerts tickets are not selling very well, and they have half empty seats during events. Why would anyone go to buy an expensive ticket when you can get their half naked pictures and videos on Instagram for free?. Is it not time for the management and organizers of all these celebrities awards shows to put a final stop to the nonsense and trash some celebs wear on the red carpet, you can't have celebs supporting #MeToo then showing off almost naked on the red carpet.