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Two drunk British tourists filmed slapping each other in Majorca as crowds shout ‘fight’

Two female British tourists were filmed fighting each other in a Majorcan tourist resort as witnesses encouraged them.

One of the women appeared to get her rival into a chokehold, before turning on a Good Samaritan who tried to separate them.

Witnesses egged on the pair as they made a spectacle of themselves with their late-night show.

A group of British women watching from a distance were heard shouting: ‘Fight, fight, fight’ as they pushed and slapped each other.

It remains unclear what sparked the violence – but one of the women appeared very unsteady on her feet when she was lifted off the ground.

The fight was broken up with the help of locals – police are not thought to have been called.

It happened on Saturday night in Cala d’Or, on Majorca’s south-east coast, in an area packed with bars and restaurants.

It unfolded just hours after regional government officials announced a tightening-up of legislation designed to stamp out drunken tourism in party resorts on the island – including parts of Magaluf.

Under modified legislation announced on Friday, British tourists have been warned they face fines of £1,300 if they are caught drinking alcohol on the street in places like Magaluf party strip Punta Ballena.

Shops that sell alcohol have also been ordered to close after 9.30pm.

The areas covered by the modification to a four-year-old regional government decree against the so-called ‘tourism of excess’ are roughly the same as before.

They do stretch to include some of Majorca and Ibiza’s brashest resorts including Magaluf and San Antonio, which are most popular with Brits.

Saturday night’s incident is also being seized on by campaigners protesting against tourist overcrowding.

Demonstrations took place across the Canary Islands last month, and on May 25, one is planned in central Palma.

Protestors will seek to make their voices heard using the slogan: ‘Majorca is not for sale’ as they call on their politicians to tackle some of the problems they say are making their lives a misery.

These include congested roads and lack of access to affordable housing.

Credit: metro


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