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World celebrates Putin’s birthday with a bizarre statue

What do you buy to mark the 70th birthday of an autocrat who has it all?

How about a life-size model of said leader, complete with a micro-penis?

That’s exactly what the people of Prague did for Vladimir Putin to mark the day that he reached the milestone age.

A large group marched the sculpture, showing the birthday boy in his birthday suit on a golden toilet, through the city’s streets.

A sculpture of Russian President Vladimir Putin is displayed by demonstrators outside Prague Castle (Picture: Reuters)

It just so happens that the city is hosting leaders from more than 40 countries who have some gift ideas of their own.

Referring to rumours that Putin has fled to a secret bunker with his family, Lithuania’s defence minister Arvydas Anusauskas tweeted: ‘Today Putin on the occasion of his birthday was given a new table and binoculars for communicating with visitors. Lithuanian people are raising money for some “fireworks”.’

We think it was a joke, but who knows?

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s minister Olekseii Reznikov decided to mark the occasion by bestowing the title of ‘coward’ upon his nemesis.

He said: ‘Our President [Volodymyr Zelensky] is with his army [visiting the front], and where is yours?

‘You know that in Ukraine you are not liberating anyone.

‘You are destroying entire cities where recently you were considered good neighbours – and spoke Russian.

‘And now enmity has been sown for generations to come. How will you go down in history?’

Putin has received one supportive birthday message from a world leader, however.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un sent well wishes to his Russian counterpart this morning.

Kim congratulated him for ‘crushing the challenges and threats of the United States’, the latest sign of deepening ties between the two pariah states.



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