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Woman who shed 26st to save her own life shares video of excess skin before surgery

A woman who lost over 26 stone has shared a clip of how her body looks while she waits to have the loose skin removed.

Teresa Parent, who once weighed 600lbs (42 stone), explained to her TikTok followers that she fought hard to save her own life as she refuses to let her loose skin stop her from achieving her goals.

The weight-loss warrior from Long Beach, California has lost 370lbs (36.6stone) so far, which has left her with a "hanging apron" of loose skin.

But that extra flesh is being removed on Thursday, December 8 - leading her to leave herself and her followers an emotional video of what her body looks like before the life-changing operation.

In the video, which has gained more than 1.7million likes, Teresa tearfully said: "I used to weigh 600 pounds and I have worked really hard over the last four and a half years of my life to lose 370 pounds.

"In four days, I am having an abdominoplasty surgery to remove my hanging apron stomach. You can see it hangs down to my knees. This is what it looks like when I sit down.

"It makes me look much bigger than I actually am. It's very painful, it's embarrassing, and it's shameful but I try to focus on the fact that I'm a weight loss warrior.

"I have worked really hard to save my own life and in a few days this is all going to be gone and my life is going to be forever changed for the better.

"I'm documenting this for myself and sharing this with all of you because I hope that it helps to normalize obesity and loose skin and all the things that go along with weight loss."

Signing off her message, she stood up and said: "This is what my hanging apron stomach looks like when I am standing up. As you can see, it hangs down a lot.

"It causes me so much physical and emotional pain you guys, and I cannot wait for the skin to be removed."

Viewers flocked to the comments to praise her for her weight loss as they say she inspires them to take better care of themselves.

One user said: "You are facing this with a lot of grace. Please know that we are with you 100%."

Another added: "You are amazing."

A third continued: "I am so very proud of you and happy for you! I know it was hard work."


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