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Woman spends £320k on boob job and nearly died to get OOO-cup 'biggest breasts in the world'

A mother who nearly died four times in a £320,000 quest to look like Dolly Parton is set to go under the knife again to have the world's biggest boobs.

Sheyla Hershey, 41, will transform her 32K-cups into OOO-cups after having breast expanders fitted in her chest that will be filled with 24,000cc of saline.

Her first surgery was at 20 years old when she underwent liposuction Credit: Supplied

The reality TV star has dismissed warnings and concerns about her upcoming 39th boob op and maintains having a big bust is the only thing that will make her happy.

Her first surgery was liposuction at 20 years old, which followed being told she had “a man’s body” for years and her 5ft 3in frame bulging to 14st 2lb (200lb).

One year later, Sheyla had the first of 38 operations to her chest to transform her B-cups into C-cups after her Dolly Parton-obsessed ex encouraged her to look like the star.

After falling in love with the Jolene singer’s appearance, she developed a dangerous addiction to plastic surgery that she claims allowed her to break a world record with her MMM-cup boobs.

Sheyla, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, told The Sun: “Some people have an obsession with the gym, mine is to have the world’s biggest breasts.

“I’ve already filled up a balloon with the equivalent of 12,000cc of water to see what each boob will look like and it’s beautiful, all anyone will see is my breasts.

“I've fantasized about looking like Dolly Parton for a long time. I love her body and have tried to look like her – now I’ve got much bigger breasts than her.

“I am concerned about my upcoming surgery because I’m opening Pandora's box again but I’d rather die happy with huge breasts than be sad and unhappy.

“It’s my body and my decision, plus I’m single so I can do whatever I want and will achieve my dreams no matter what anyone else thinks!”

Sheyla believes the longing to change her appearance stemmed from her childhood, growing up in Vitoria, Brazil, where she was teased by bullies from the age of 10.

She never intended to try to have the world's biggest boobs when she was younger but after several nips and tucks she became addicted.

Sheyla, who is part of the Plastics Of Hollywood talent agency, said: “I was picked on and bullied regularly, they used to call me ‘man body’.

Sheyla claims bullying led her to long to change her appearance and in her twenties she became obsessed with Dolly Parton Credit: Collect

“They said I had no shape or curves, was fat, had no breasts and wasn’t very pretty, which hurt me a lot.

“I was determined to change my body and look beautiful, so that no bully could ever tell me I was ugly ever again and that’s what I’ve done.”

But it hasn’t always been easy for Sheyla, who started her plastic surgery journey 21 years ago, because her vanity has come at a price.

Sheyla said: “At that point, my boobs went from below my chin down to my stomach – they were huge – and because I have a tiny torso there wasn’t much space for a baby to grow.

“I could have kept my implants but my daughter might have been born with a birth defect, so I sacrificed them.

“Doctors didn’t want to take the chance so they told me I could keep my breasts and have an abortion or get rid of my boobs.

“I chose her life over the size of my chest and a promising TV career with contracts all over the world.

“I was really happy after she was born but then I developed postnatal depression and struggled with my appearances because I didn’t have breasts – I was in a very bad place.

“I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror for months, I cried a lot because I had lost so much of myself and, in my darkest moment, I tried to take my own life.”

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