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Woman says her boyfriend won't introduce her to his friends as they wouldn't approve her 15st frame

A woman has revealed her boyfriend of seven months doesn't want to introduce her to his friends because they are unlikely to approve of their relationship due to her weight.

The woman who is 6ft 3in tall and weighs 15st 1lb (96kg), believed to be from Australia, took to Reddit to explain the sadness she's experiencing from seeing her boyfriend 'uncomfortable' about introducing her to his friends.

She said they have a great relationship but her 21-year-old boyfriend is worried that his judgmental friends will make her choose between them and her.

Responses to the thread were quick to advise her to end the relationship in favour of finding someone who will be proud to be seen with her.

The 22-year-old woman said her boyfriend knew how she looked before they met because she had full length photos on her Tinder profile when they met seven months ago.

'My boyfriend does not want to introduce me to his friends because they hate fat people,' she captioned her post.

Explaining the situation, she said that she's suffered with an eating disorder since the age of 15, but has had help from doctors.

'Years of binging, starving and throwing up has really messed up my system and I started to gain a lot of weight' she said.

'He has never had issue with my weight. I'm 160cm tall and 96kg right now and about the same when we met.

'He always said he does not care about it and calls me beautiful every day. Our relationship is great but he is scared what his friends might think of me and him when they see me. He does not want to choose between his friends and me.

'His friends are bit judgmental about weight, even his own weight. What should i do? I love him so much. But the fact that this makes him uncomfortable makes me really sad.'

In a follow up post, the woman revealed her boyfriend's friends would make cruel comments about his ex-girlfriend who was smaller than her.

She added that they are all single and it's possible they want him to remain alone.

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