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Woman ‘raped’ by Russell Brand says 'he's a demon' & was ‘triggered’ when she saw him as Willy Wonka

A woman who claims she was raped by Russell Brand says she came forward as she just wants him to stop.

The alleged victim revealed that she broke her silence after becoming sickened by the comic’s new status as a wellness influencer with millions of followers.

The woman, known as Nadia, said: “He’s saying one thing and I know the demon underneath it. He wants to help with meditation — he’s all in this wellness world.

“It just makes me so mad that he has a platform for that.”

And she said: “What do I want out of this? Just for him to stop. I’m sick of seeing men get away with this.”

Brand has fiercely denied all the allegations against him and insisted all his relationships have been consensual.

Nadia claims that following the alleged rape in 2012, she was “triggered” and left devastated on seeing Brand star in the closing ceremony of the London Olympics a few weeks later.

She watched as he dressed in a purple top hat as Willy Wonka on top of a psychedelic bus, performing a Beatles song.

Nadia released notes from a rape treatment centre to The Times, as part of its probe into the comedian and actor with TV show Dispatches.

And they detail her distress at seeing the star — then at the height of his fame — on TV and billboards at the ceremony.

She says Brand, who split with pop star Katy Perry in 2011, pinned her against a wall and raped her at his LA home after trying to lure her into a threesome on July 1, 2012.

Her notes — from the UCLA Santa Monica Medical Rape Treatment ­Center — say she was “triggered” by seeing the assailant and “constant reminders of the assailant with songs on the radio his ex-wife wrote for him and about him”.

The notes state that her alleged attacker was “doing the closing ceremony at the Olympics” and “unfortunately it came on the TV . . . [she] stated that she becomes very angry when the public is adoring him, wanting to shout out that he is a rapist”.

A week earlier, he had texted Nadia for the first time since the aftermath of the alleged attack. The text read: “Will you ever forgive me? X?”.

In a full interview with The Times about the alleged rape, Nadia also blasted Brand as a “demon”.

Nadia has claimed the star — who at the time had just starred alongside Tom Cruise in Hollywood movie Rock of Ages and was preparing to host his own late night chat show, Brand X — invited her to his home.

She claims that when she arrived he told her that “a friend” was already in the bedroom and that he wanted her to join them.

Nadia says she made it clear that she did not want a threesome.

She says Brand pushed her up against a wall and raped her without a condom.

Nadia told last night how she felt strong enough to speak out more than a decade later after she heard about the investigation.

She explained “I think it’s time. I’m stronger now to talk about it. At the time, I was so depleted that I thought I was worth nothing. I am a stronger woman because of it.

“I just want to help make a change because I know it’s not just me that was hurt by this.”

Nadia released records she kept from the period of her life when she met Brand to The Times.

They include text messages, call records, and photographs of the medicines that she had been prescribed.

Last night, she told how she sent a letter to Brand months after her alleged attack.

Nadia kept a version on her computer that has not been modified since September 2012.

She also requested her full dossier of notes and records from the rape treatment centre, which detail the extensive therapy she required.

Brand — married to Laura Gallacher since 2017 — had filed for divorce from Perry in late 2011 and he met Nadia a short time later.

Nadia, who lives in LA and was in her 30s at the time, had gone to a “trial run” for his new show.

She said: “There was an after-party. I’d never met Russell before, ever, and he literally made a beeline for me and said, ‘I want to meet you’. We were chatting backstage and he leaned in and kissed me straight away. And he’s like, ‘I’m going to call you’.”

Nadia told The Times: “The way he just looks at you . . . he’s very intense.”

The first messages on her phone from Brand began in May 2012 and they began chatting regularly, speaking on the phone and by text.

In one text message, he writes: “You are delicious. X.”

The following month, they had consensual sex at Brand’s house in Hollywood.

Nadia said: “I did go round to his place and we did have sex. He’s like, ‘Do you want to use a condom or not use a ­condom?’ and I’m like, ‘No, absolutely we’re using a condom.’ And he did respect my wishes then.”

Nadia added: “But he did have a whole glazed-over look.

“He does this thing when he glazes over — and I don’t know if he’s listening. I don’t know what’s going on in his head.”

''He's a demon'

Several days later, Brand messaged suggesting she “bring a friend”. Nadia explained: “July 1, 2012 was when my rape happened.

“I was out late and he happened to call me and say, ‘I’ve had a really bad day, please come over’.

He’s like, ‘Please come, just come and cuddle with me’. So then I gave in. And I’m like, ‘OK’.”

Nadia said the door was unlocked when she arrived and she walked straight in.

Brand emerged from the bedroom naked. She said: “He came at me with kisses and stuff, which was kind of fun.

“And then it wasn’t that fun when I couldn’t move or I knew what he wanted from me at that point. He pushed me up against a wall. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’. And he’s like, ‘I have a friend here and I want you to come in the bedroom’.

I’m like, ‘No, that’s not happening, we’re not doing that’.”

It is then that Nadia claims he raped her without a condom.

She says she “couldn’t move” and, “all I could think of was how am I going to get out of here, alive”.

She “ran out” and got into her car. At 3.29am, Brand sent her a text message.

He wrote: “I’m sorry. That was crazy and selfish. I hope you can forgive me, I know that you’re a lovely person. X.”

Notes from her second session at the centre state “it has been ­difficult for her to accept that a man she thought she could trust raped her”.

During her therapy sessions, Nadia said she was contemplating criminal or civil proceedings before deciding against it.

Five women have alleged sexual assaults occurred between 2006 and 2013 in Britain and America, when Brand was working for BBC Radio 2, Channel 4 and starring in Hollywood films.

One has claimed she was a 16-year-old schoolgirl when he ­sexually assaulted her.

Credit: thesun


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