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Woman gives up career as trainee doctor to be proud housewife who cleans all day

A woman gave up her high-flying career to be a homemaker instead.

Cynthia Loewen had been crowned Miss Canada and was training to be a doctor in her spare time.

But juggling two jobs at once wasn’t her thing – so she left it all behind to care for her husband.

The 27-year-old, from LaSalle, told her 21,000 YouTube subscribers: “A couple of years ago I was really frustrated with my life.

“I was not really feeling the calling to become a boss-babe - I was feeling the calling to become a wife and a homemaker… I was supposed to be a doctor.”

So after marrying her former Army husband, Cynthia decided to start following the TradWife movement.

This “traditional” way of living involves women running their households by cooking and cleaning, while their partners support them financially.

Cynthia explained: “My husband is the primary breadwinner and I am in charge of the home.

“Working with my hands around my home does give me satisfaction, so much more compared to any other job that I had.”

The influencer says her husband has become the decision-maker of the household, which din’t come naturally to her at first.

But over time, she believes it’s strengthened their bond.

Her hair and makeup looks immaculate (Image: cynthialoewen/Instagram)

Cynthia said: “I let my husband lead and that is so naturally difficult for me because I am a very stubborn person.

“My husband didn’t know when I began doing this, but he felt so much more appreciated and valued.”

Now that she’s not at medical school, the housewife kicks off her day at the gym.

She then walks her dog and heads home to get the place in order.

Before wading through chores and tidying the house, Cynthia is always sure to get glammed up.

After blow drying her hair and applying a full-face of makeup, she starts on tasks she's written down in a cleaning checklist.

She also enjoys cooking dinner and baking, which she often does wearing retro puffy skirts.

Cynthia also has time to explore new hobbies like vlogging and tutoring children.

Once dinner is prepared, the TradWife waits for her partner to return from work.

She said: “I usually just wait around for my husband to come home and if he comes home late I will just wrap up the dinner and then head to bed.”

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