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Woman gives bag of mess to neighbour who let her dog poo in her garden

A frustrated woman handed bags of dog poo to her neighbour after they let their pet do what dogs do on walkies outside her house.

Andrea Whiteside, 53, was filmed lying in wait for her neighbours to walk by, before swiftly handing them the foul mess.

She told them: ‘Here you are love, that belongs to you. Your dog’s s****ing outside my garden, again.’

The neighbour appeared quite happy to receive the gift, taking the bag before walking off

But the dog, apparently offended by the neighbour, bashes into the fence and tips it over.

Andrea uploaded the doorbell footage onto TikTok, captioning the video: ‘Only in the UK.’

Andrea, from Lancaster, said: ‘I feel as a nation of dog owners it is our responsibility to clean up after our dogs.

‘The area where I live has had problems with dog faeces for months now and it’s due to a small percentage of dog owners who allow their pets to poo without picking up after them.’

She also explained how she concocted the plan to hand the dog mess back to her neighbours.

She said: ‘I knew the lady in question would be passing at a certain time each morning so I handed it back to her after I had bagged it up myself.

‘When I approached her the first time regarding her not picking up after the dog she was actually very apologetic which is why I was gobsmacked when I saw her the following day allowing the dog to poo directly outside the gate of my front garden and walking away without picking it up.

‘The majority of the comments on social media have been positive as there’s dog fouling all over the UK and it’s clear to see by the thousands of likes and hundreds of comments people are becoming increasingly fed up of picking up the mess irresponsible dog walkers leave behind.’


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