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Woman, 27, with painful 38P boobs raises £8k for reduction after 'NHS refuses op'

A woman with 32P boobs has fundraised enough money to get a breast reduction.

Laura Howes was reportedly denied the op on the NHS because she couldn’t get her BMI down to the required level.

She grew tired of aching and being covered in cysts and sores, so decided to set-up a Go Fund Me page to drum up enough money for surgery.

The 27-year-old has surpassed her target by raising £8,000 to pay for the procedure.

She revealed: “Things just got real... I just had a call from the Cobalt Hospital and I'm officially booked in for my surgery on the 21st of October!

“I just have to pass an anaesthetic test to make sure it's safe to put me under and a Covid test and then I'm good to go!”

The wedding photographer, from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, continued: “Perfect timing too, I'll have new boobs just in time for my birthday I just want to say a huge thank you again to each and every single one of you for helping me get here, you're changing my life forever and I literally wouldn't be here without you all…

“The biggest thank you in the world to each and every one of you for helping me get here, you're literally changing every aspect of my life forever for the better and there are just no words to explain how grateful I am.”

Laura is excited for the surgery as she has struggled with being curvy since she was a teenager.

Previously, she said: "Everyone says to me 'I'd kill to have boobs like you' and I'm like 'no you wouldn't."

"I've got size 36P breasts but wear a 38K bra because I can't get ones in my size.

"They don't exist in most countries. If I wanted one in my size I'd need to get a custom one but they're £350 each."

Laura continued: "I've been plagued by a bad back since the age of 14 as my boobs have grown quite rapidly over the years.

"I went straight into a B cup at the age of nine or ten and then by the time I left primary school at 11 I was already a double-D.

"I used to get bullied for that quite a lot at school. I would have boys running around yelling 'jugs' at me and staring at me and it was really uncomfortable. I was a 34K by the time I left school at 16.

"I was bullied up until the age of 14, then everyone grew up a little bit and I ended up with unwanted attention from lads – and I didn't want that either.

“I would cry on my own."

Laura added: "I also suffer from aching bones from my ribs all the way up to my jaw.

"It's a constant dull radiating pain, I try not to take painkillers too often because I don't want to become dependent on them.

"I do take them when it gets particularly bad, for example when I've had a long day wearing my bra."

You can donate to Laura's fundraising page here.

An NHS South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group spokesman said: "We are unable to comment on individual patients, but we can confirm that the CCG bases its criteria for a number of surgical procedures on the best available scientific evidence.

"This enables us to focus our resources on people who are most likely to benefit from an intervention, and to avoid interventions when they are likely to be ineffective, or worse still dangerous.

"We recognise that there are occasionally situations that do not fit the usual criteria, and individual funding requests can be made for such exceptional situations.

"In cases where BMI is an inappropriate way to judge whether an individual has reached optimum lean body weight, alternative validated measurements can be provided to support such requests.

"We advise that anyone in a similar situation should continue to work with their GP."

Laura battled through years of pain and cruel taunts at school(Image: Kennedy News and Media)


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