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Woman, 24, accused of waving loaded gun in McDonald's after not getting free cookie

A McDonald's customer has been accused of pulling out a handgun, loading it and pointing it towards staff after not getting a free cookie she believed she was owed.

The incident happened at a drive-thru in Altamonte Springs, Florida, US, after an argument erupted despite the customer ultimately being given the cookie, court documents show.

Amari Bente Hendricks, 24, was pulled over later and booked on a number of charges after the take-out order escalated on February 16.

An employee working at the time told police the suspect became angry because she hadn't been asked about the McDonald's rewards program.

Because of this she claimed was entitled to a free cookie, the arrest affidavit states.

Officers pulled her over and arrested the suspect after she drove away from the scene ( Image: Getty Images)

Despite being given the cookie, the argument continued and that was when witnesses claim they saw Hendricks take out her gun, load it and start waving it around.

According to the report, the female employee said she heard two click sounds "associated with someone chambering a round,"

Hendricks then parked her car and tried to enter the McDonald's but by that time employees had locked most of the doors, fearing for their lives.

According to the report: "Hendricks began to try to force the door open, ultimately getting it open due to Hernandez [one of the employees] not being able to secure the door properly.

"Hendricks then grabs Hernandez by his left arm, forces him out of the business, and begins to strike him multiples times.

"Hernandez said he did not attempt to fight back with Hendricks, only to escape her grasp. Hernandez was ultimately able to free himself from Hendricks and return to the store.

"Hernandez suffered multiples scratches to his face and neck area."

She was also charged with resisting arrest after she allegedly refused to listen to officers' verbal commands.

CCTV footage from McDonald's was also reviewed which shows Hendricks brandishing a "a dark coloured object similar to the shape of a firearm", the report states.

It adds: "Hendricks is then seen waving the expected firearm around in the vehicle."

Hendricks told officers that "at no point did she brandish a firearm, nor did she make any threats with it."

She said she was "attempting to enter the McDonald's when one of the staff members attempted to stop her, causing the two of them to get into a ‘tussle’", the report continued.



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