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Wimbledon fans brand Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas's bad-tempered Court 1 clash 'embarrassing'

Wimbledon fans have branded Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas's bad-tempered Court 1 clash 'embarrassing', with one exclaiming 'Roger Federer would never act like that'.

The Wimbledon crowd has been split over whether they enjoyed a drama-filled match between two fiery players who picked up three code violations between them.

Australia's Nick Kyrgios was cautioned for swearing, while Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas breached the rules twice for smashing the ball away into the crowd.

The pair's Court 1 spectators booed loudly in scenes expected of a football match, and those leaving described the game as everything from 'embarrassing' to 'absolutely incredible'.

Retired Asda event coordinators from Birkenhead, Merseyside, Wendy Dewhurst, 69, and Carol Morton, 68, said that they are hearing impaired but the crowd was so loud it even felt 'booming' to them.

Ms Dewhurst said she thought Kyrgios was 'play-acting' and lying on the ground for minutes after a fall 'like a football player'.

Ms Morton agreed, adding: 'It was just a grudge match, and it could have been nasty.

'I had a message from my daughters when we were there, and they said 'it's getting like a football match' too.

'It was naughty. This isn't tennis.

'Roger Federer would never act like that. It was like Ilie Nastase. The crowd was booing, that never used to happen.'

Tennis coaches and brothers Alex and Will Page, both from Twickenham, said the players' intense dislike for one another was clear from the side-lines.

'It was a fiery encounter,' they said. 'Kyrgios, he definitely battled, and he came through, clearly.

'He's a really aggressive player which I think is really good.'

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