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William & Kate carry on with royal tour as Harry & Meghan are quiet after bombshell Netflix trailer

Hard-working William and Kate carried on with their busy royal tour last night — while Harry and Meghan laid low as their bombshell Netflix trailer came out.

The Prince and Princess of Wales ignored the release of clips for the controversial £110million docuseries as they were greeted by hundreds of screaming fans in Boston.

Harry and Meghan laid low as their bombshell Netflix trailer came out

While there were no sightings of Harry and Meghan yesterday, Wills and Kate rolled up their sleeves and went to work.

They hailed entrepreneurs behind eco schemes and brought cheer at a charity helping deter underprivileged teens from violence.

And they even brought parts of Boston to a standstill with an impromptu walkabout to greet well-wishers.

Harry and Meghan, who quit as working royals and live on the other side of the US in California, surprised his brother with the timing of the trailer.

The pair, dubbed the “moaning millionaires of Montecito’, are next expected to appear in public when they visit New York next Tuesday to pick up an award.

Earlier this week, enivronmental campaigner Meghan was spotted boarding a private jet from Indianapolis after attending a female empowerment conference.

William is believed to be “disappointed” that the trailer for the six-part series was aired yesterday without notice, just as they were preparing for a full day of engagements.

There are fears the 60-second clip was deliberately aired to coincide with the three-day trip culminating in William’s televised £50million Earthshot Prize.

But the couple refused to be distracted by the trailer and concentrated on the aims of the trip — meeting the local community.

An insider said: “William did not watch the trailer but is disappointed with the timing.”

It is believed that Harry and Meghan were aware that the trailer would air in the middle of the Wales’s vital three-day trip.

Fears the 60-second clip would overshadow the community work the couple had promised were dispelled when hundreds of cheering Bostonians turned out to greet the royal guests.

In freezing temperatures outside Roca Inc, a charity focusing on high-risk young people between the ages of 16-24 years old at the centre of urban violence, the couple ripped up their plans to meet the hundreds who waited for them.

Kate, 40, spoke to Ashley Langan, 20, who had waited in the cold for five hours brandishing a homemade placard that read “Welcome to Boston Your Highnesses”,

Speaking afterwards, she said: “It’s a dream come true, really it is. I love them as a couple and the work they do.”

Screams of “William, Kate” and “you’re so beautiful” rang out through the crowd,

“We love you,” one yelled.

A young woman collapsed in tears and repeatedly held Kate’s hand and thanked her for everything she did.

Another woman told the princess that she loved her work on her Early Years projects, telling her: “As one mother to another, we can always learn from each other.”

William and Kate earlier ignored the Netflix row at a green technology hub to warn about the dangers of climate change - an issue behind his £50million Earthshot Prize.

Speaking at Greentown Labs just three hours after the trailer came out he said: “For all of us the time is ticking.”

As he chatted to last year’s finalists of his Earthshot Prize and praised them for the groundbreaking work he said: “As time goes by I keep saying, ‘Come on we’ve got to move faster and faster.’”

Outside, the couple got a taste of home as they met a little boy soldier dressed as a Buckingham Palace guard, complete with red tunic and fake bearskin.

Henry Dynov-Teixeira, eight, handed Catherine a bunch of red roses and said he was “thrilled” to meet the royals in person.

He added: “I am going to scream and tell my best friend that I am now famous.”


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