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Video shows bear strolling through California grocery store

Video shows a black bear calmly strolling down the aisles of a California grocery store.

Many shoppers at the Ralph’s in the Porter Ranch section of Los Angeles weren’t too scared to shoot footage of the 125-pound wild animal which is chased out by some brave workers, images show.

Among those taking video was actress Tisha Campbell, known for her role as Gina in the Martin Lawrence-fronted sitcom “Martin.”

Campbell posted her encounter on TikTok and then filmed herself as she cautiously and anxiously heads to her car in the parking lot.

Inside her car, she comically expresses shock.

“It’s not like I’m in a secluded area, I’m in my f—ing local grocery store,” she says.

“I don’t know what this wild wildlife s–t is right now that’s going on with me. You know what? Stay the f–k away from me because who the f–k knows? A f—king hippo-motherf–king-potamus might pop out of no f–king where.”

The bear apparently wasn’t done shopping for the day.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife caught up with the animal at a Walmart nearby, KTLA reported. Officials tranquilized the animal and brought it to a safe location, the TV station said.

“Bears know that if they come down out of the mountains into a town, they’re going to find food,” department spokesman told KTLA.

“I thought the video was amazing,” resident David Balen told CBS Los Angeles. “I’m glad that nobody came in contact with the bear. Anything can happen.”

Balen, a member of the local neighborhood council, shared photos and video of the bear on his Facebook page.

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