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victim made to choose between being set on fire or having limbs cut off

A vicious biker gave a 22-year-old man a horrifying ultimatum when he tried to recruit him for his gang.

Callan Stuart Murray, 28, had already overpowered Brodie McDougal with a baseball bat when he was told to choose between having all his bones broken, getting his limbs chopped off or being set alight.

Mr McDougal had to decide which horrific assault would give him the best chance of survival after the attack on September 16, 2019.

Murray poured petrol over his head and used a blowtorch to light the flame after the victim allegedly chose fire, a court in Western Australia heard on Thursday.

The young man spent three weeks in intensive care after suffering from severe burns to his chest and head.

Mr McDougal then had to go through a series of painful skin grafts and was left unable to work and coping with psychological damage caused by his terrifying ordeal, West Australian reported.

The victim reportedly refused to attend hospital straight away as he feared for the safety of his family as Murray had made threats against him.

When the pain became unbearable he was driven to the nearest hospital in Mandurah, south of Perth, by his cousin's girlfriend.

The court heard that Murray was not a fully-fledged member of any biker gang, though he claimed to be a senior member of the notorious Bandidos MC.

Brodie McDougal outside court on Thursday (Image: 7News)

Judge Wendy Gillan described the crime as 'abhorrent', 'senseless' and 'merciless.'

In his victim impact statement, Mr McDougal said he was not the 'happy, confident man,' he used to be.

He added: "Every day, I'm reminded when I look in the mirror and see my scars. I don't look or feel the same anymore."

Murray was sentenced to 10 and a half years in prison at Western Australia's District Court after pleading guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent.

However, a deprivation of liberty charge was dropped.

After the sentencing, Mr McDougal spoke outside court, admitting he was relieved Murray had been jailed for his terrible crime.

Murray's then-girlfriend Emily Whitfield, who filmed him beating Mr McDougal on a phone, was also jailed for five years.



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