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Ukrainian women raise over £620k selling nudes to help fund war against Russia

A group of Ukrainian women have raised more than £600,000 in aide of charity by selling their nudes (Image: @evrlstng_winter)

A group of Ukrainian women have started selling lewd photos of themselves online in an effort to raise money for the war against Russia.

Under the banner of the "TerOnlyFans" project, a collection of Ukrainians ended up netting more than £620,000 for their military, raising funds for the nation as they continue to fight off Russian forces.

A total of 38 "movement participants" were featured on the official website, which offers nude photos in exchange for donations to Ukrainian charities.

It would appear that Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine sparked a nude movement, with the 38-strong personnel exchanging racy photos for housing crisis donations.

Organiser Nastassia Nasko had originally taken to Twitter and asked for help in rescuing an acquaintance from Kharkiv, half-joking that anyone who could help would receive a nude. Within five minutes the 23-year-old had nearly a dozen replies to her request, which appears to have sparked an idea for the Ukrainian national.

Her friend was successfully transported out of Kharkiv, and since then Nasko, along with a group of other content creators, have offered the "TerOnlyFans" (a play on words of "territorial defense" and "OnlyFans," the site says) project out to the world.

As of today, the group has raised £642,605 for a total of 11 separate charities and military groups, ranging from the Minsk Zoo to the Azov Regiment.

Despite the similarity in name, the TerOnlyFans project has no association with OnlyFans, with the Nasko-led charity set up by her and friend Anastasiya Kuchmenko on International Women's Day last March.

The crucial difference is that the TerOnlyFans group do not take requests from users with the reason for that, Nasko says, is that: "We are not sex workers, we are trying to raise money for the war."

So far, the group have raised hundreds of thousands, with the highest single donation coming through a cryptocurrency donation of £2,200, LADBible reported.

Not every member has experience with adult content sites like OnlyFans, but Nasko says that they are only here to raise money for the war in Ukraine.

She added: "I feel happy because I can support people in Ukraine and show that not all Belarusians like Russians and that we are good people. We want to help our neighbours.

"We will end this project when Putin dies and Russia stops their aggression."

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