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'Trolls said I was too fat for my husband after I shared my weight-loss journey online'

A woman sharing her weight loss journey online has hit back at trolls who say she's "fat" and her husband "can do better."

Carla White, 27, set up a fitness TikTok account with hub Larry, 29, after Carla was insecure about her weight at their wedding.

Larry offered to help his then 17st wife get healthier after she refused to let him pick her up on their big day.

Since they started the account, Carla has lost an incredible two stone and now weighs 15st - but she's been the victim of cruel trolls who attack her and question why the pair are married in the first place.

Carla said: "I was always chubbier as a kid before losing a lot of weight as a teenager, my weight would fluctuate my whole life.

"When Coronavirus hit, I gained four stone. I really wanted to do something about it for the longest time."

But after their wedding day, which Carla described as a "shift" in her mindset, she decided to lose weight and created the TikTok account to keep herself accountable. Before long, she had 200,000 followers.

She said: "Originally, I had 100 followers, then we had one video go viral and we gained 60,000 followers. That's when I thought 'guess I really have to lose weight now'."

After making good progress, Carla admits she relapsed over Christmas and put on a stone while her mum was visiting from Poland and cooking up lots of delicious treats.

But with Larry's help, she managed to shift the weight again even though she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which she says makes it difficult for her to lose weight.

He helped her prep lower-calorie meals and woke up at 6.30am with her to make sure they both headed to the gym for a workout.

Larry is motivating Carla every day ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Although Carla is pleased with her progress, the vile comments she received can get her down.

But she has recently hit back at critics, highlighting the nasty things they've said to her and shrugging them off.

In a video in which she and her hub have a cuddle, Carla posts some of the comments she's received at the top of the screen.

Carla, from San Diego in California, said: "The comments placed in this particular video were ones that came from trolls.

"But there were more - people would write stuff like 'He wants that green card, that's why he's with her'.

"I even saw a comment that said 'he must work for the Make A Wish foundation'.

"I don't care about that, we have hundreds of thousands of followers who support us. There'll always be somebody with something mean to say.

"I'm human so of course there are moments when the comments get to me. But it's not like I sit and cry about it. I'll think 'wow, that's so mean, why would someone say that?'"

She added she's not going to let the trolls get her down and she'll continue to share her weight loss journey for her plus-size followers.

After the video was posted, Carla said a few people misinterpreted the comments as things Larry had said to his wife - but explained most people understood and sent her messages of support.

Larry said: "I just try to remember that it's social media and these troll comments come from people we'll never meet.

"I just make sure to support my wife and make sure she's not down. At the end of the day, there'll be trolls attacking whatever you do.

As Carla continues on her weight loss journey, she hopes to eventually reach 10 stone - but adds that as long as she's taking care of her body, that's all that matters.

She said: "Larry is such an amazing husband and he's at the gym every single day, he's a fitness enthusiast. He offered to help me and thanks to him, I've been working on my diet."

She has a new fitness regime and diet plan ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Larry and Carla are working out together every morning ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Carla said she had a mindset shift on her wedding day ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)