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Tragedy of 27-YEAR-OLD jilted newsreader who killed herself after finding underwear hidden at home

US news anchor Neena Pacholke took her own life after her fiancé Kyle Haase reportedly split from her seven weeks before the pair were due to marry, it has been claimed.

Neena, who was 27 when she took her own life, and Kyle are understood to have been together for two years before the anchor for ABC affiliate TV channel WAOW-9 died.

Neena and 38-year-old Kyle's romance is said to have been tumultuous, with the newscaster telling a friend she had found an unfamiliar pair of underwear in the home she shared with Kyle, it's been reported.

The news reporter had allegedly agreed a sale on a house with her fiancé one month before she took her own life.

But, Neena's friends have claimed she seemed more invested in the relationship than Kyle, who has two children, did.

A friend claimed to Mail Online: "They were always arguing, and it seemed like Neena was more in love with Kyle that he was with her."

Meanwhile, it has also been claimed Neena became suspicious her commercial sales manager fiancé had rekindled a romance with a former lover.

One friend reportedly claimed that a few weeks ago, Kyle had showed them a nude image of a former mistress and said: "Look at her boobs and a**, I wish Neena's body looked like that.

"I don't even want to go home to Neena.

"The only thing I get from her is a tax break because she only makes $47,000 a year."

Neena and Kyle were due to marry on October 12 at an all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico after meeting at a funeral 2020.

They had planned for the nuptials to take place in 2023, but decided to bring the date forward.

Kyle proposed to Neena on May 9. And Neena gave up her apartment to move in with her fiancé in downtown Wausau earlier this year.

However, Kyle reportedly told Neena he was kicking her out after an argument in July.

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