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THIS is the shocking moment Phil Foden's furious missus confronts him after looking at his phone

THIS is the shocking moment Phil Foden's fuming missus confronts him after looking at his phone while on holiday.

Chaos erupted at a posh beach club in Greece as the WAG and her footy ace boyfriend were booted off the premises by security after a massive bust up.

She told him: 'We can’t take you anywhere, this always happens' as a day out at the beach erupted in a blazing row

Phil Foden had a beach club bust-up with his Wag after she looked at his phone

Rebecca Cooke yelled: 'Do you think I’m a d***head?' before they left the Corfu resort

In the extraordinary footage shared with The Sun on Sunday, Rebecca Cooke yelled: “Do you think I’m a d*** head?” before they left a Corfu resort watched by stunned holidaymakers.

She can then be heard screaming "we can’t take you anywhere, this always happens” as a day out at the beach ended in a blazing row.

The Man City ace, 22, argued with Rebecca in front of shocked holidaymakers and resort workers after she grabbed his phone while he was swimming in the sea.

In the chaotic clip Rebecca — her blonde hair in a bun — can be seen yelling at the player as they follow two bouncers up steps to a beach club.

She jabs her thumb at Foden as she gestures back towards the beach.

As the venue’s security helped them to leave, Rebecca then says to Foden: “Yeah I wonder why, mate.”

Foden does not respond but Rebecca shouts: “Tell her ’n’ all.”

The pair started dating as teenagers and have two children.

The couple — with friends and family including his parents Phil Snr, 43, and Claire, 42 — had arrived at Glyfada Beach, Corfu, on Wednesday in a luxury van with their own security.

They booked sun loungers and witnesses said Foden posed for pictures with female fans who approached him on the publicly-accessible beach.

A witness said: “He went swimming and she looked at his phone. She got extremely angry.

“They were really arguing on the beach and security guards got involved.”

Another source said: “It was a fight between a footballer and his girlfriend. She was shouting and screaming. They were only here for the day. It all started down there on the beach. It was really aggressive and intense.

“Then they came up to the bar and she was yelling at him. This kind of thing doesn’t happen here usually.”

A Brit holidaymaker who witnessed the scenes said he saw resort security staff helping the Foden party to pack up their towels and beachwear.

Another holidaymaker at the beach club — where a 400ml beer costs 6.50 Euros (£5.50) and a cocktail is 12 Euros (£10) — said Foden and his family agreed to leave after they were spoken to about the row.

He said: “She was in his face and Foden didn’t respond. They went by themselves.”

In another video, members of the group — thought to include Claire and Phil Snr — are seen following the player and Rebecca out of the bar.

Pictures also show her and Foden’s heads coming close together as they exchange words on the beach before they leave.

The Brit witness said: “When we arrived he was heading into the toilet so I asked for a picture and he told me, ‘No’, which I thought was a bit rude.

“We were sat on the terrace and they were down on the beach.

“The next thing you know they’re coming up the stairs having a massive argument. It all just erupted.

“It was only about five minutes and then they left abruptly.

“It was a lot of swearing, she was getting in his face. It’s a posh place as well.

“His girlfriend was saying ‘We can’t take you anywhere because this always happens’.

"It didn’t look like they had been drinking or anything and I only saw Foden sipping a bottle of water. I think it was to do with other women.

"What it looked like was he was refusing photos, but when women came up to him it was different.

"But whatever happened I was shocked by how Rebecca was acting. She was the one causing the scene.

“I felt a bit sorry for him, because I thought he might have come to a posh place with not many Brits so he didn’t get recognised.

"I don’t think she should have shouted at him for everyone to see. It brought a lot more attention to the situation, and a lot of people saw it.”

Sources say mum Claire was heard saying she was “fed up with the drama”.

Foden will feature at the World Cup this winter in Qatar.

He burst into Man City’s team in November 2017 aged just 17 and made his England debut in a 1-0 away win in Iceland in September 2020.

During the trip Foden and team-mate Mason Greenwood were later sent home in disgrace after sneaking two female cousins into the team’s hotel in breach of Covid rules.

One of the girls, make-up artist Lara Clausen, 19, said she slept with Foden before England team security officers barged into her room at 6am looking for the player.

She said at the time: “I didn’t know that Phil had a girlfriend. He didn’t mention it, and I didn’t Google him before I went to the hotel. Obviously I feel very bad for his family.”

The Sun later revealed how Foden had tried to arrange a meeting with another woman at a hotel when with England U21s in Turkey in 2019.



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