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'Thief reverses stolen Range Rover on top of car while being chased by owners'

An alleged car thief stole a Range Rover and reversed the vehicle onto a Volkswagen Golf in a desperate attempt to flee while being chased by the furious owners, it has been claimed.

The dramatic crash, which left the Range Rover on top of the Golf, occurred in Brigadier Hill, Enfield on Thursday.

According to a neighbourhood watch statement, the Range Rover was stolen from nearby Trent Park while it was being cleaned.

The furious owners chased the vehicle via its tracking system to Brigadier Hill.

According to social media reports, the suspect panicked and reversed the stolen Range Rover onto the Golf.

He then fled the scene, running towards Hilly Fields where he was arrested.

It's been reported on social media that the Range Rover and Volkswagen Golf are owned by the same couple.

Pictures posted online show the Golf's bonnet and front windscreen badly damaged, with the Range Rover on top of the Golf at an angle.

"Ouch... luckily no one has been hurt but still devastating, and why I’m terrified to drive," one person said on Twitter.

Another added: "This road has always been an accident waiting to happen and it’s just weird that it happened yesterday but not in the circumstances I had ever imagined! Apparently the Range Rover was stolen and the owner was chasing it in another car and he decided to reverse back."



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