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Terrified Afghan says country ‘on brink of collapse and people are starving’

Afghanistan is heading for economic collapse with nine million people at risk of famine (Picture:EPA)

A terrified young man trapped in Afghanistan fears people will start ‘robbing and killing each other’ to survive as the country teeters on the brink of famine.

Ali* says families are going without food for days and some parents are selling their children to make ends meet.

He previously told how after studying and working in London for eight years, his request for asylum was rejected in 2019, with a home office official allegedly telling him ‘there is no Taliban in Afghanistan anymore’.

Two years later he was forced to watch in horror as the militants re-gained control of his homeland, and now he is ‘living a life no human deserves’.

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Ali, 29, told ‘The banks are not giving people their money, the Taliban don’t have enough money to give wages to their people.

‘We are getting some help from friends who are living abroad, we are just surviving off rice and beans.

‘People are starving. If you go outside, you will see 30 or 40 people who jump on you and beg for money. They have nothing.

‘I saw one woman crying and she was saying it had been three days since she had last eaten. She had three little kids and she said “we have no food this winter and no shelter, my kids are dying”.’

‘If you heard her crying, you would start crying too. She was crying from the bottom of her heart.’

The UN estimates that 24.4 million people in Afghanistan are in humanitarian need – more than half the population.

The country was plunged into economic meltdown virtually overnight when the Taliban took over in August, as billions of dollars in foreign aid that propped up the previous Western-backed government vanished.

Unwilling to work with a regime known for its brutality and human rights abuses, the international community froze Afghanistan’s assets in an attempt to force the new leaders to form an inclusive government.

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