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Teenager accidentally moved into a retirement community because rent was cheaper

When Madison Kohout, 19, moved across the country from Oklahoma to Arkansas for a new life, she thought she’d found a bargain apartment.

Turns out, she’d actually moved into a retirement community.

Kohout, who goes by itsme.madiiii on TikTok, said she hadn’t seen the apartment before moving in, she quickly realized that all of her neighbors were over 65 years old.

Oops. House parties out of the question, we guess?

In the first video of her journey to Arkansas, which has more than 3.4 million views, you see Kahout sitting in her bed with a laptop in hand, looking gleeful with the caption “me getting ready to move into an apartment out of state that I’ve never seen in person.”

“Me getting ready to move into an apartment out of state that I’ve never seen in person.”

(Photo courtesy of @itsme.madiiii/ TikTok)

Then the videos flashes to her standing by the community sign that in part has the words “Senior” and “Apartments” abbreviated.

The rent was significantly cheaper compared to where I had moved from,” Kohout told Insider. "I was able to lease a two-bedroom for only $350 a month. It was super spacious and felt like home,” she said.

Although she didn’t do that much research, she decided to go ahead and move in. After all, the price was right!

But then, she started to notice some things within the neighborhood.

“I started meeting some of my neighbors. To my surprise, they were all over the age of 65,” she further mentioned to Insider.

Then everything started to click, and she realized she moved into a retirement community.

She also spoke to Newsweek, saying that she’s “the only teenager in sight” and that the community is also “equal opportunity housing.” Hence, there’s no discrimination on age despite it being catered toward senior citizens.

But living in a senior citizen community also has its perks, such as the daily gossip, proper greetings, and food in abundance.

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