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Tech Entrepreneur died of ecstasy overdose as he looked after 4-year-old son while wife was away

Software developer Patrick Lismore died in February last year (Picture:

A tech entrepreneur overdosed on ecstasy and died at home while looking after his four-year-old son, an inquest heard.

Software developer Patrick Lismore, 36, from Belfast, was discovered in the hallway of his £350,000 Hampshire home after a neighbour heard the dogs barking and his young son crying.

His wife, Danae Lismore, told an inquest into his death in Winchester that he smoked cannabis while working as it helped his productivity and suggested he may have been given the ecstasy ‘to try’.

She said: ‘Maybe he thought “the wife is away”, he was working on an exciting project and got his normal little bit of weed and they said, “try this”.’

Mr Lismore was a software developer and cybersecurity expert who had co-founded three technology companies.

He also worked at Thales, a French company which provides services in aerospace, defence, transportation and security.

The inquest heard Mr Lismore was not much of a drinker but smoked cannabis as it helped him work.

His wife said: ‘(Smoking cannabis) would be his way of winding down. He was quite productive on it – it was not just a slack off on the sofa.

‘Most people help themselves to a glass of wine. He was not reliant (on it) it was just his thing.’

Mr Lismore was looking after their son as she had gone on a trip to Brighton with friends in February last year.

In a statement read during the inquest, neighbour Jacob Anderstone said he had knocked on the front door in the early hours as his dogs were barking, but there was no response.

He said when he woke up later that morning, he could still hear the dogs barking again as well as the young boy crying.

Mr Anderstone said: ‘I woke up at around 7.30am and went into the back garden, looked over the back fence and the dogs were in the house, and they were going nuts still.

‘The barking was getting louder and louder, and I could hear the little boy crying through the wall.

‘I went and knocked on the front door quite hard and I could make out the shadow of the young boy coming through from the lounge.

‘He just looked at me and walked back into the living room without saying anything. I looked down and saw Patrick lying on the hall floor.’

The post-mortem gave the cause of death as a cardiac arrhythmia due to taking a substantial amount of ecstasy.

Mrs Lismore described his death by overdose as a ‘complete shock’ as she did not know her husband used it.

But she said she was aware he had dabbled with recreational drugs when he was growing up in Belfast.

She said: ‘I was really taken aback by it because it was so out of character.’

Mr Lismore’s wife described him as a ‘loving and devoted’ father (Picture: YouTube)

When asked how she felt about her husband taking drugs when looking after their young son, she said: ‘I was so angry when I found out, I will not lie about that.’

But she described her husband as a ‘loving and devoted’ father, adding: ‘Patrick was a very kind and loving man, he was a very devoted father, he was very proud of what we had accomplished with the house and car.

‘I think Patrick would be devastated at what this has brought on us all.’

The inquest heard Mr Lismore had gone to his GP before his death about panic attacks caused by stress at work.

Recording the death as accidental due to misuse of drugs, Jason Pegg, area coroner for Hampshire, Portsmouth, and Southampton, said he did not intend for it to happen.

He added: ‘For whatever reason, Patrick took a large amount of the drug and that large quantity caused him to suffer a cardiac arrhythmia.

‘It is very strange circumstances to take ecstasy – normally it is taken with others in an extreme club setting. It is unusual to take it when babysitting your four-and-a-half-year-old son.’



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