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Suicidal dad posted chilling final video of his smiling baby girl before jumping to their deaths

A suicidal father who strapped his nine-month-old baby to his chest and jumped to both of their deaths had threatened to kill his daughter and her mother in the past.

Henry Shepherdson, 38, frequently posted sappy videos and pictures of Kobi for the world to see on social media, including a final video showing the little girl babbling and laughing as her dad spoke 'baby talk' to her.

But the father-of-one from South Australia was privately in and out of the court system, charged with breaching a restraining order and threatening to kill or endanger a life.

On Wednesday, he jumped from the Whispering Well dam in the Barossa Valley of South Australia with Kobi strapped to his body as onlookers watched on in horror.

Police say witnesses desperately did what they could to stop him, and others performed CPR on little Kobi until emergency services arrived about 4.30pm.

She was declared dead about 15 minutes later, while Shepherdson died on impact.

Shepherdson's social media was littered with references to his daughter, including one post in which he drew attention to National Child Protection Week.

Back in November, Shepherdson uploaded a sweet video of Kobi as she babbled and played in her rocker. It was his final post before he died.

Shepherdson spoke baby talk to her as she watched her father, giggling at him as he made noises to get her attention.

An open beer bottle was visible in the corner of the video.

'I love you Kobi,' he told her in the footage. 'Yes I do love you Kobi bear, you little cutie... You are so adorable bubba.'

It was one of a stream of sappy posts with his daughter which have since been bombarded with messages of outrage from the public.

Despite the outward displays of affection, Shepherdson had a sickening criminal history.

The 38-year-old last appeared in court on March 19 for contravening an intervention order set by the courts.

Three weeks earlier, he was in court again facing several serious offences, including making threats to kill or endanger a life, commit aggravated assault against his own child or spouse and false imprisonment.

He had appeared in court on three other occasions throughout 2020 and 2019 for breaching the intervention order.

Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott confirmed on Thursday the matter was being treated as a murder suicide.

Shepherdson was legally entitled to see Kobi, police say, despite earlier suggestions she had been kidnapped and his long list of previous charges relating to family violence.

Mr Parrott admitted there was a lengthy history of domestic violence within the family and that Shepherdson was known to police.

While not at a liberty to discuss the details of the previous offences, he did say they occurred between Shepherdson and Kobi's mother.

'We have been involved on some domestic violence incidents in the past and there are court orders in place in relation to the family,' Mr Parrott said.

'It's resulted in this absolutely tragic outcome.'

Despite frequently sharing updates about Kobi, who is named after late basketballer Kobe Bryant, Shepherdson was hesitant to share photos of himself online.

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