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Shocking photo shows dying Brit dad who was ‘beaten and knelt on by eight bouncers & cops’ at Maga

The brother of a Brit dad who died after allegedly being attacked by bouncers and police in Spain has slammed the "brutal, unlawful killing".

Toby White-Sansom, 35, died five days after the brutal reported assault on the Magaluf strip last Thursday.

His family have shared a horrifying picture of him in a hospital bed as just before his death last week.

Toby's brother Maximilian, a businessman who lives in Dubai but owns a holiday home in Majorca, has condemned police, as well as bouncers at the Boomerang nightclub on the Spanish party island, for his death.

Maximilian White claimed that his brother was "violently assaulted by bouncers" at the famous nightclub on the night of Monday, July 25.

But he lay the blame for Toby's death on the actions of Magaluf's Guardia Civil, who he claimed "abused and mistreated" him.

Toby, from Nottingham, reportedly had dinner with his family before visiting Boomerang alongside his nephew and partner.

The devastated family claim to have video evidence showing up to eight police officers kneeling on Toby and compressing his neck, even as the dad of two was unable to breathe or move.

Following the attack, he was left in a coma for five days at the Son Llatzer Hospital, where he died on Sunday, July 31.

He leaves behind two young daughters, four-year-old Maisie and Poppy, who is not yet one.

Maximilian has now flown in private investigators to Spain to secure CCTV and mobile phone pictures and video from people who saw his brother's final moment.

The family claim Toby was assaulted by members of nightclub staff, mostly bouncers, before being violently restrained by police.

They say footage shows a crowd loudly remonstrating with police while they pin him down.

Video recorded on the mobile phones of onlookers reportedly includes police kneeling on Toby, compressing his chest and neck, before officers tried to resuscitate him when they realised he wasn't breathing.

Lawyers for Toby's family claim medical first responders were delayed from reaching him after being misinformed by police.

He was also allegedly given sedatives when he should have been given adrenaline to restart his heart.

Maximilian's legal team argue that Toby was assaulted by nightclub bouncers at Boomerang before he was fatally injured and unlawfully killed by police officers.

They also argue that the actions of the police and bouncers that night were racially motivated.

"If my brother had been a white boy, he would be alive today," Maximilian said.

They have denied earlier allegations that Toby died from recreational drugs, and insist that an independent autopsy will show that he was killed by the police.

A cerebral haemorrhage expert flown in from the US by Toby's family claims that he suffered brain stem death as a result of his beating.

No nightclub staff are reported to have sought medical attention.

His brother Maximilian, left, alleges that the attack was racially motivated Credit: Maximilian White and family

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