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Several people shot at shopping mall in Denmark's Copenhagen

Several people have been shot at a shopping centre in Denmark.

Police are on the scene ‘in large numbers’ at the Field’s mall in Copenhagen.

One person has been arrested in connection with the incident but no further details have been offered.

The attack came hours before British singer Harry Styles was due to perform at a concert venue less than a mile away. Duncan James pretended to date Geri Halliwell as he was so scared to come out, and other top stories from July 03, 2022. Images show men, women and children fleeing the shopping centre, with heavily armed cops also pictured in the area.

Speaking to the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, eyewitness Emilie Jeppesen said: ‘You didn’t know what was happening.

Suddenly there was just chaos everywhere.

‘We were sitting and going to eat and suddenly we could see people running.

‘Then we first thought ‘why do people run?’ But then we could hear shots.

Other onlookers said people were crying and hid in shops from the gunshots.

Copenhagen Police said officers ‘currently do not have the opportunity to tell more about the [arrested] person’s identity’.

The force had initially tweeted: ‘We are present in large numbers and massively at Fields, where we have received reports of shootings.

‘We will update here as soon as we have more about the current situation.’

They later added: ‘We are still present, shots have been fired and several people have been hit. We work on site.

‘People in the Fields must stay and await the police. All other persons must stay away from Fields.

‘If you have seen, heard or filmed anything, contact the police at Fields or call 114.’