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SAGE experts warn second wave will be deadlier as they predict UK will be locked down by DECEMBER

Boris Johnson has been warned by his scientific advisers that the UK is facing a second wave of coronavirus even deadlier than the first as they urge the Prime Minister to impose tougher lockdown rules. 

The Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has presented the PM with projections which suggest the peak of the second wave will be lower than it was in the first wave. 

However, the peak is expected to last for longer, with high numbers of daily deaths likely to continue for months, resulting in a 'lampshade' second wave. 

Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, is leading calls within the Government for Mr Johnson to take more drastic action as soon as possible to slow the spread of the disease amid fears the daily death toll will hit 500 within weeks. 

SAGE is said to be of the view that all of England will be forced into Tier Three lockdown by mid-December. 

But Mr Johnson is facing a difficult balancing act, with his experts calling for tougher restrictions while Tory MPs demand the PM set out a lockdown exit strategy. 

The Northern Research Group of more than 50 Conservative MPs, many from constituencies in the so-called Red Wall, is adamant the PM must announce a road map for how areas can get out of Tier Three as rebels warned the north of England is being unfairly treated. 

The group's efforts received a boost from Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday as he said he shared the MPs' frustrations at rules being imposed and 'you want to know when it is going to be over' in an apparent hint at his opposition to a national shutdown. 

Despite the warnings from SAGE, Environment Secretary George Eustice insisted this morning a national lockdown is 'not appropriate' because there is 'no point having a lockdown in those parts of the country where the incidence of the disease is very low'. 

Tory MPs are urging Mr Johnson to resist Sir Patrick's pleas for tougher action as they claimed SAGE appeared to operate in a ‘medical vacuum’ with no appreciation for the state of the economy or for ‘how people feel’ amid concerns about the mental health impact of the current rules.

One senior Tory MP said: ‘There is a feeling among colleagues that Vallance is somebody who not just errs on the side of caution but takes that as his inflexible position.’ 

The MP added: ‘What would be the purpose of imposing lockdowns in parts of the country where there is very little Covid?’  

Boris Johnson is having to perform a balancing act, with SAGE experts calling for tougher lockdowns while Tory MPs press for a road map out of restrictions

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