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Ring girl, Amber Fields, spray paints Halloween costume on naked body instead of buying outfit

Model and ring girl Amber Fields left people mesmerised after showing off her racy Halloween get-up.

Instead of a normal outfit for the Halloween costume competition, the stunner decided to spray-paint on her costume instead.

The ensemble saw the model wearing a painted on devil costume complete with fake boob tape and the illusion of see-through underwear.

She paired this with Red Devil horns and vampy makeup as she wore her long, dark locks in spiralling curls.

Talking about the costume, Amber said: "I got on stage after 2 hours of an airbrushing session and immediately the crowd went insane.

"Everyone else was wearing real costumes, I was the only one wearing a painted on version. It was sexy to the extreme, so I got the crown."

She admitted the paint was so realistic that some people didn't realise it was a real costume.

"The design was so good some people didn’t even believe it was just made out of paint”, she added.

"I have to prove it to them it wasn’t real and after the show people would still not be entirely sure.

"I really felt comfortable wearing it. I was in a big event with many people but I’m really comfortable in my own skin I guess.

"I didn’t feel awkward even knowing I was the only person almost completely naked at the event."

Amber posed for some sizzling snaps in the devil outfit after winning the competition.

She was seen smouldering and smiling for the camera in some of the pictures.

A cheeky shot also saw her pose with her booty to the camera as she sassily looked over her shoulder.

While in another image she posed with her finger to her mouth seductively.

Amber has hit the headlines before for her barely there outfits.

Some people thought the costume was real (Image: CO Press Office)


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