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Raymond Spencer: Washington DC Active Shooter Person of Interest

Raymond Spencer has been identified as a person of interest in a shooting in Washington D.C. that injured 4 people, police say.

Raymond Spencer was the person of interest in the Washington DC active shooter incident, in which a gunman opened fire on people from an apartment window, according to police.

Police tweeted that he was 23 and from Fairfax, Virginia. They later wrote, “The suspect has been located deceased inside of a residence in the area of Conn Ave and Van Ness St, NW. The shelter in place has now ended. Thank you to our community for your cooperation and thank you to our DC government and federal partners for your assistance today.”

According to The Washington Post authorities are investigating whether Spencer wrote on 4chan during the shooting and updated a nearby school’s Wikipedia page about it.

Four people were shot in the active shooter situation in Washington D.C.,police said in a news conference on April 22, 2022. One of those shot was a 12-year-old girl, according to Fox5 DC.

Video emerged showing what appeared to be shooting from the gunman’s perspective, with a red target in the middle of the screen as gunfire erupted out of a window near a school. Here’s the video, and police said they believe it’s authentic. It can also be found here. Two of the victims, adults, are in critical but stable condition, police said in the news conference. A juvenile is in stable condition with a minor gunshot wound. Police believe some vehicles were damaged. They don’t know whether there are any relationships between the victims.

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