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Randy couple shock drivers after steamy romp in busy street caught on camera

A duo bonking in a car were seemingly unbothered by rush hour, with the pair's sudden romp caught on camera (Image: CEN)

A randy couple has shocked drivers after baring all in a steamy romp inside their car which was caught on camera in the busy street.

Drivers were astounded to see two people in a Honda Civic in the act early in the morning, with the pair spotted at 7.40am by fellow road users.

Caught in a rush hour, other drivers were stunned to see the pair rocking their car violently from side to side, seemingly oblivious to those around them.

The unnamed pair were caught in the act and reports have since been filed against the duo, a 46-year-old man and 36-year-old woman on the road in Chacara Cachoeira, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

A clip dragged from the camera which recorded them showed the pair getting it on in the front of the vehicle, with footage posted to social media.

Bikers and other cars pass on by but, like the couple caught in the act, do not seem to care for the world around them, seemingly ignoring the steamy car action.

Police have since identified the pair seen in the sudden romp, with the duo identified through the car's number plate and tattoos on the woman's back.

The inking was spotted after the male driver lifted the shirt up, revealing some ink on the woman's back, which read "to see the stars".

Investigations are ongoing into the steamy romp, although the duo may find themselves right at home in the UK's "darkest car park", which The Daily Star previously reported on.

Residents living near to the private car park were furious at the state of the place, complaining the area was used for drug deals and dogging.

The shady hotspot also plays host to an impromptu and unappreciated block of flats which blare music throughout the night, turning it into a makeshift nightclub.

One resident said: "We've got both doggers and couples who don't live here having sex right outside our front doors, people selling cannabis from their cars and playing loud music."

Credit: dailystar


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