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Queen Sekinat Elegushi WIFE OF OBA Saheed ELEGUSHI CRIES OUT OVER FALSE death hoax (video)

Recently rumours were going viral over the internet about Queen Sekinat Elegushi's death. When the public gets to know about these rumours they started to search the internet to confirm if this was true or not. Not just that they were also searching about her health as the rumours were going on over the social media about her death.

The announcement was made by Abike Jagaban a Facebook blogger in London. She announced Queen Sekinat’s passing during a Facebook broadcast. Abike even supported her story by claiming that the queen’s aunt had sobbed when she gave the news of the ‘death’ to her. Abike hosted the “show” only a few days after news of a Turkish mother of three who underwent butt enlargement surgery and afterwards fell into a coma went viral on social media. Queen Sekinat never had surgery. According to palace insiders in Ikate, she visited Turkey with her husband in 2018.

“I’m healthy and strong. I’m here. I’m not gone. When Kemi Ashefon called Oloori Sekinat Elegushi on Thursday night, Oloori Sekinat Elegushi remarked, “Abike Jagaban should tell Nigerians whose queen is dead.

Temitope Oyefeso, the palace’s spokesman, said in a statement issued on Monday, May 8, 2023, that the rumour sprang from the “wicked imaginations of the authors.” The older wife of the monarch is reportedly well and carrying out her duties in the palace, according to the palace. Additionally, it made a legal threat against anyone who spread untrue information.

In a statement, HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi noted that “the media office of HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi has been drawn to the false news circulating about Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi, senior wife of his royal majesty.” “The palace takes serious exception to any unfounded and malicious news regarding the royal family and will not hesitate to bring the full force of the law on anyone found culpable,” reads a statement from the palace. “Contrary to these reports, which only exist in the wicked imagination of the authors, Olori Sekinat Elegushi is hale and hearty; she is currently at the palace, discharging her royal responsibilities. The palace also expressed gratitude to concerned friends and family members who inquired about the rumours and requested clarification.

See video below:

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