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Prince William says BBC deceit fuelled Diana's 'paranoia ' as Harry calls interview unethical

Prince Harry blasted the 1995 BBC Panorama interview with Princess Diana as 'unethical' while furious William said Martin Bashir's 'lurid and false claims' to secure it fuelled the 'paranoia and isolation' of their mother's final years.

The Duke of Cambridge said Bashir's deceit in obtaining his 1995 interview with Princess Diana hastened his parents' divorce and 'hurt countless others' in an unprecedented broadside against the shamed BBC.

His brother Prince Harry - who is based in California - also responded to Lord Dyson's damning report into how the interview was obtained, saying his mother 'lost her life because of this'.

The Duke of Sussex thanked those who took 'some form of accountability' for 'owning it', but said 'the ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately took [Diana's] life'.

In a statement last night, Prince William laid bare his 'indescribable sadness' that his precious final years with his mother had been marred by the isolation the historic Panorama interview caused.

What 'saddens' him the most was that should a 1996 investigation into claims Diana was hoodwinked by Bashir have been conducted 'properly', the princess would have known she was 'deceived' prior to her death in 1997, he claimed.

He said the interview now held 'no legitimacy', had established a 'false narrative' for 25 years, and the BBC’s failings had let his mother, his family and the public down.

The Duke of Cambridge read his bombshell statement to camera in a courtyard at Kensington Palace – his London residence and the home of his late mother.

Both William and the Duke of Sussex yesterday received 'unconditional apology' letters from the BBC over Bashir's conduct and the subsequent cover-up now fully laid bare 25 years on.

Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles' official residence Clarence House have also had correspondence, it can be revealed.

Appearing on a Panorama special about the scandal last night, the princess's brother Earl Spencer linked his sister's death to the BBC and the crisis of trust he claimed that engulfed her after she was deceived by Bashir.

His devastating verdict came as a judge ruled the shamed journalist hoodwinked the princess with an elaborate fiction that painted some of those closest to her as traitors.

The 'rogue reporter' commissioned fake bank statements to secure his interview with Princess Diana - but covered up his 'deceitful behaviour' in a 'shocking blot' on the BBC's near 100-year history.

The statements wrongly suggested that Earl Spencer's security boss was in the pay of tabloid journalists and a shadowy company linked to the security services.

His lies landed the Panorama reporter the interview of the century and multiple awards - but hastened the end of Diana's marriage to Prince Charles and saw her stripped of her HRH status just two years before her death.

Bashir maintained that despite the fake bank statements a note from Diana herself showed that she had not been affected by this in her decision to be interviewed by him - an interview of which he remained 'immensely proud'.

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My view: Despite the fake documents Diana herself was honest about what happened in her marriage. It's time for the government to defund the BBC and the unnecessary TV licence should be scrapped.


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