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Primary school Teacher ‘lured boyfriend to bed, blindfolded him and then stabbed him to death’

Fiona Beal has been accused of the murder of her former boyfriend Nicholas Billingham (Picture: PA)

A primary school teacher stabbed her boyfriend to death then hid his body in her back garden for months, a court has heard.

Fiona Beal, 49, is accused of killing her partner Nicholas Billingham and disposing of him after she called in sick to her workplace, saying she had Covid.

She allegedly believed he was cheating on her again after a string of infidelities throughout their 17-year relationship – with one of the women he slept with becoming pregnant and having his child.

Prosecutors said Beal had stabbed the 42-year-old in her bedroom, bought items from B&Q, then buried him in her garden.

The jury heard she then left a ‘chilling’ journal at a rental property in the Lake District, detailing how she had committed a murder – and blaming it on a dark alter ago she called Tulip22.

The Year 6 teacher was arrested in March last year, after police discovered Mr Billingham’s body under carpet wrapped in a bedsheet, duvet and cable ties and buried in her back garden in Kingsley, Northampton.

The 42-year-old builder had been missing since the end of October 2021, with the jury being told the murder was likely to have taken place on November 1.

Prosecutor Steven Perian KC said: ‘She believed he was cheating on her again.

‘Instead of leaving him, she worked out a plan on how and when to kill him, where to conceal his body, how to cover up and explain his disappearance to others and to explain her own absence from work when she killed him.’

Fiona Beal’s defence argues Nick Billingham, 42, was ‘psychologically domineering’

After the alleged murder, Mr Perian said Beal had ‘carried on with her normal life as if nothing had happened’, repainting the bedroom to cover the blood spatters.


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