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Police raid closed gym because the owner was still using his own facilities during COVID-19 lockdown

Bungling police have raided a closed gym because the owner was still using the facilities during lockdown – as he threatens them with court action.

James Cooper, who owns Body Transformation in Hampstead, north London, was stunned when seven officers turned up at his gym and tried to gain access.

He logged into his security system and watched as police and staff from Camden Council spent an hour banging on his doors

When they failed to gain access the officers went round the back and one tried to tamper with a key box secured to the gym wall in what Mr Cooper believes to be an attempt to get inside his property without a warrant.

Mr Cooper, who trains a string of high profile clients from celebrities to city CEOs and barristers, vowed to launch proceedings against the police.

He told the MailOnline: 'The police made a very big mistake trying to break into my property.

'I will be taking them to court over this, they messed with the wrong person, I've simply had enough of this.

'This is for all of us business owners fighting back now, we can't take this nonsense any more.

'You can't break into someone's premises, no one was in danger inside, the place was empty, what right do they have to try and break in?

'I was at home watching them banging on my doors and trying to get in by getting access to my key box.

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