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Phil Collins' ex Orianne claims she tried to help him despite 'dwindling sex life and hygiene'

Phil Collins ' ex-wife has spoken out after her mean claims about his personal hygiene and their sex life.

What began as an acrimonious split between the Genesis star, 70, and Swiss-born jewellery designer Orianne, 46, turned into a bitter dispute.

They ended up battling over their Miami mansion, with Phil applying for a court order that demanded she leave on the grounds that she'd secretly married another man.

Phil and Orianne had shared the home since 2016, and in the end she agreed to vacate it.

She retaliated by filing legal claims that he had begun abusing pain killers, that he'd stopped showering and brushing his teeth and that he'd become incapable of having sex.

In a court filing seen by the Mirror, he had asked a judge to hit her with sanctions after she mocked his personal hygiene and claimed he was "incapable" of having sex.

Lawyers for Phil hit back by describing her accusations as "a litany of demonstrably false, immaterial, impertinent, scandalous and scurrilous allegations which have nothing to do with the legal claims in this case."

"These allegations are included only to further defendants' plan to deliberately make sensationalized and/or false allegations in an effort to extort money ," they claimed.

Speaking to RadarOnline alongside her new husband Thomas Bates, 31, Orianne said she's received death threats since her acrimonious but painful split from the musician.

She claims that Phil took her "efforts to help him" the wrong way, saying "his pride got in the way".

Claiming that the singer was "struggling with his life changes", she said: "It’s sad, we’re talking about 26 years of being together as husband and wife, friends, living together. I spent more than half of my life with him. We shared so many moments together.

We have great children together."

She said it was "ridiculous" that they had ended up going to court over their disputes.

The former couple met in 1994 while she was working as a translator on his tour in Switzerland.

They met in 1994 (Image: Rex Features)

They got engaged three years later and married another two years after that, before welcoming two sons together - Nicholas, now 19, and Matthew, 16.

They announced they were splitting seven years into their marriage, with their $46 million divorce settlement becoming the biggest payout of its kind in UK showbiz history.

Orianne claims in her new interview that she and her then-husband began to drift apart and got to a point where they were co-parenting their children but didn't have a lovers' relationship.

She went on to say he had become increasingly difficult to live with.

She previously claimed in court papers: "By 2019 Philip had lost his talents. He became increasingly depressed, withdrawn and abusive and, following an operation on his back, increasingly addicted to anti-depressants and painkillers."

They went on: "By 2019, he was incapable of having sex. He stopped showering, brushing his teeth and dressing properly.

"In fact he did not shower or brush his teeth from 2019 until August 2020 when he vacated the property."

She claimed that his "stench became so pervasive that he became a hermit, refusing to interact personally with any people".

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My view: It is sad that she's talking about the father of her teenage sons like this in public. I'm sure Phil Collins' money doesn't stink for her. Orianne looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein.


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