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PARENTS who kill a partner will not have control over their shared children’s lives

Parents who kill a partner will be stopped from having control over their shared children’s lives — in a huge victory for The Sun.

They will be stripped of the right to choose which schools their offspring go to and even if they can have a passport, as ministers bring in Jade’s Law.

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk said these killers had caused enough harm, as he moved to close the legal loophole.

The Sun’s campaign was inspired by the case of Jade Ward, 27, who was murdered by estranged partner Russell Marsh in 2021.

He was sentenced to life but carried on holding parental rights over their four children.

He is still able to access the boys’ medical records, school reports and can even stop them from going on holiday.

Mr Chalk said: “Thanks to the passionate campaigning of Jade’s family, and The Sun, we are creating an automatic suspension of parental responsibility from a person who is convicted of killing a person with whom they share parental rights.”

He will outline the plans during his speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester tomorrow.

The measures will be part of the Victims and Prisoners Bill, which also gives judges powers to make offenders attend court for their sentencing.

Credit: thesun

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