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Our son banned us from his wedding because we’re ‘not good enough’ for his in-laws

Furious parents have claimed their ungrateful son uninvited them from his wedding despite living rent-free in their second home - and now plan to sell it from under him.

After expecting to celebrate their son's wedding later this year, the stunned parents were instead told not to attend as they would "embarrass" the bride-to-be.

The livid parents were told they would 'embarrass' the bride-to-be, so decided to sell their house in revenge Credit: Getty

Taking to Reddit for advice over the sticky situation, the dad said that he and his wife purchased a second home for their son when he moved to college.

However, after being told they would not be welcome at his nuptials, they now plan to kick their son out of the home where he lives rent-free.

They said in the post: "Since he doesn't want us in his new life, he has to get out."

The father explained that while their son pays utilities in the home, everything else is paid for by his parents.

Although the parents said they initially liked their son's fiancé after she moved into the house, trouble emerged when the two families got together to meet each other.

The dad said that while they were getting ready for a family BBQ, his wife and daughter were brought inside for a chat with his son, his fiancé and her family.

When they returned upset minutes later, he was stunned to be told "our son and his fiancé along with her family don't want us at the wedding."

"According to what I was told: 'We're not their kind of people'.

"I was livid, I called my son and asked him WTH this was about.

"He tells me that her family feel that we are not good enough and will embarrass them at a family wedding and that we are all uninvited from the wedding."

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