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nursery worker, 22 stabbed her friend 18 times 'in vicious, unprovoked attack' after row over money

A nursery worker stabbed her friend 18 times in a frenzied attack after she was caught trying to steal £400, a jury was told.

Lauren Walsh, 22, attacked Kelsey Gielinck and her boyfriend Wesley Pemberton at the couple's home in Old Swan, Liverpool, after taking a knife from their kitchen once her theft had been found out, it is alleged.

Prosecutors say Miss Gielinck was sitting on a sofa on April 14 when 'without warning' Walsh unleashed her attack, by first stabbing her friend in the nose.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Mr Pemberton found his girlfriend 'fighting for her life' before Walsh also stabbed him.

Miss Walsh, of West Derby, Merseyside, admits wounding both victims with intent to cause grievous bodily harm but denies attempting to murder the couple.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Lauren Walsh (pictured) attacked her friend Kelsey Gielinck and Miss Gielinck's boyfriend Wesley Pemberton at the couple's home in Old Swan on April 14

Trevor Parry-Jones, prosecuting, said: 'Make no bones about it, this was a vicious, unprovoked, murderous attack.'

The court heard Miss Walsh and Miss Gielinck started working at the same nursery in 2018 and became close friends.

When Miss Gielinck moved into a new home, Miss Walsh helped her decorate and she frequently stayed over.

Mr Parry-Jones said Miss Gielinck described them as 'joined at the hip' and regarded her as more of a 'sister', even trusting Miss Walsh to look after her young son.

But he said that trust was 'destroyed' on April 14, after she received a bank notification asking to authorise a £400 payment. Miss Gielinck rejected it and contacted her bank, who said £144 had been spent on her debit card at Home Bargains in Old Swan.

The victim, who only used her debit card for bills and kept it in a drawer, went online to tell friends she had been 'scammed'.

Mr Parry-Jones said Miss Walsh contacted her and advised she should cancel the card, before turning up at her home unexpectedly. He said Miss Walsh suggested Miss Gielinck ring the police, then Mr Pemberton returned home at around 3pm.

However, Mr Parry-Jones stated it was Miss Walsh who had in fact stolen the card and later admitted theft.

He said Miss Walsh suddenly walked over with a knife, tapped it on Miss Gielinck's chest and said: 'You killed my nan.'

The jury heard the victim replied 'what are you doing' and stood up, before Miss Walsh stabbed her in the nose.

Mr Parry-Jones said Miss Gielinck ran across the room, as Miss Walsh stabbed her repeatedly and pulled her top over her head, so she couldn't see or defend herself.

He said she pulled out the blade 'while the knife was still in her' which dropped to the floor before Mr Pemberton rushed in.

The court heard Miss Walsh picked up the knife and attacked Mr Pemberton, who pushed her into the kitchen and ran towards the front door, but found it was locked from inside.

He was then stabbed in the chest and back, as he shouted 'help', before a next door neighbour came in.

Mr Parry-Jones said Miss Gielinck suffered wounds to her face, chest, body and stomach, and severed the tendons in her right hand, when she grabbed the blade to protect herself.

Asked whether she had an intention to kill, Mr Parry-Jones said Miss Walsh replied: 'I wouldn't say to kill her, but to hurt her.'

Mr Parry-Jones said: 'What was the reason for the attack? Who knows. Perhaps jealousy, perhaps some unknown hatred, perhaps something else festering in her mind and building up after the theft of the card.'

'This wasn't an attack simply to hurt. This was an intent to kill.

'After hearing all the evidence, you will have little difficulty in concluding she was about killing rather than hurting. She said in her interview 'yeah, it was to kill her'.

'Her contempt for Wesley Pemberton was conveyed by her response, "I think I got him a few times" - almost dismissive.

She was quite happy to kill him too.'

The trial continues.