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New Hampshire man kills wife’s lover, forces her to decapitate victim's body


A New Hampshire man and his wife have been arrested and charged with the murder of the wife’s lover. According to the Keene Sentinel, 30-year-old Armando Barron had discovered that his wife, 31-year-old Britany Barron, was having an affair with 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault on September 19, 2020, after going through her phone. He then forced her to participate in the man’s murder and decapitation, according to police.

Armando Barron lured his wife’s lover to Annett State Forest in Rindge, in southern New Hampshire, using her cellphone.

After Amerault arrived, Barron assaulted him, according to an affidavit cited by the Sentinel. Barron then ordered his wife to shoot Amerault, but she refused; however, she capitulated when he ordered her to slit Amerault’s wrists. Armando Barron then shot Amerault, according to the Sentinel.

Barron shot him in his chest twice and once in his head. The Barrons then took Amerault’s car and drove to a campsite in northern New Hampshire, stopping on the way to buy lighter fluid, household cleaner, tarps and a shovel, the Sentinel reported. It was at the campsite that he ordered his wife to decapitate Amerault’s head from his body and bury his head and body separate. According to the affidavit, the Sentinel reported, Armando Barron ordered her to do this so Amerault’s identity couldn’t be identified by dental records. After destroying Amerault’s phone, Barron demanded his wife text her friends and say that she would be “leaving for a while to clear her head.”

Barron then left his wife with two guns to protect herself from wildlife, including the one used to kill Amerault, and said he would return the following Friday, the Sentinel reported. She attempted to clean Amerault’s car while at the campsite, the outlet reported.

A missing persons report was filed for Amerault on September 21, 2020, according to a news release from the New Hampshire State Police.

According to the Sentinel, two hunters saw Britany Barron at the campsite multiple times on the days following Amerault’s killing and on September 22 told her she wasn’t allowed to camp there. They later called the New Hampshire Fish and Game to report the violation. Two conservation officers then came and “advised her that she should not be camping in that area,” the Sentinel reported, adding that they saw an object later identified as Amerault’s vehicle under a tarp covered with sticks.

“The officers noticed her black eyes and bruises on her neck as they told her to clean up and leave, and she walked away from the campsite” with them, the Union Leader reported.

But when they saw a tarp in the nearby brook that looked like it might be wrapped around a body, they “called state police and handcuffed the woman,” according to the Union Leader. When a state trooper investigated the tarp in the brook, “blood poured into the water,” the outlet reported, and a medical examiner later unwrapped the tarp to reveal the beheaded corpse.

Britany Barron has pleaded not guilty to three counts of tampering with evidence, and Armando Barron pleaded not guilty to capital murder, WHDH reported.

Jonathan Amerault

Armando Barron and Britany Barron

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