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My wife kept me prisoner had an affair with my carer but she did something else that was worse

The brother of a Holby City star has told how his wife had an affair with his carer while the pair kept him enslaved.

Sarah Somerset-How, 49, and George Webb, 50, kept her husband Tom hostage - and forced him to listen to them having sex.

The duo also cut off Tom - brother of Kate Somerset-Holmes - from his family and starved him on a diet of crisps until he was just 6st 10lbs.

But Tom, who has cerebral palsy and needs 24 hour care, says this was not even the worst part of his ordeal.

Tom - brother of Kate Somerset-Holmes - had been married to Sarah for four years when she brought in burly Webb as a carer in 2016.

He soon realised that the pair were having an affair while keeping him stuck in the house.

He told MailOnline: “There were several times when I asked if she was unhappy and told her we could amicably go our separate ways.

“But she always said, 'No, it's all OK'. Besides what they did to me, that's the worst thing — that she didn't just walk away.

“He was staying over at weekends and he and Sarah were going out for hours at a time, leaving me on my own. When I asked if a friend could visit, George refused.”

Earlier this year, Somerset-How and Webb were found guilty of holding a person in slavery of servitude, after a four-week trial at Portsmouth crown court - the first ever case of its kind.

The court heard how Tom, an intelligent history graduate from a wealthy family, was kept in bed for 90 per cent of the time and "lived like a dog".

He was only allowed to shower once a week and left with just crisps and a sandwich for food.

Tom was forced to lie is bed as he heard his carer having sex with his wife.

He said: “For four years I was in the dark, with just a bedside lamp.

“They gave me just enough food and drink to keep me going, but that was it”.

Tom's ordeal ended when sister Kate managed to "ambush" Webb to gain access to her brother inside the "house of hell" in Chichester, West Sussex.

Tom was forced to listen to Webb having sex with his wife Credit: Solent

The actress - who also appeared in Silent Witness - discovered her brother "disorientated and very, very thin" and his teeth hadn't been brushed for a year.

Tom explained: “A social worker came in and I could hear Sarah saying, 'What's going on?' — and they told her I had asked for respite.

“As I left, Sarah said, 'See you later, mate' as if we had never been in a relationship at all.' He's had no contact with her since.

“Within 36 hours of me leaving, she was texting me asking to talk. I just blocked her”.

Tom is now living in residential care and is preparing to move into a new flat to be close to his family.

He said: “The psychological and emotional damage will never leave. Most nights, I can't sleep for more than three hours.

“I'm a lot more twisted than I used to be, and there's been a lot of muscle deterioration.”

He added: “People have asked me if I miss her. No, I don't. But I miss what my marriage should have been.”

Holby City star Kate Somerset-Holmes discovered her brother living in squalor Credit: Solent

Wife Sarah had an affair right in front of him Credit: Solent

Credit: thesun


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