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My niece predicted cheating husband would kill her before he stabbed her and my sister to death

Shaking with terror, Raneem Oudeh rang the police for the fourth time in two hours, warning them her abusive ex was threatening to kill her - but they told her to go home.

By the time she spoke to the police again, Raneem, 22, and 49-year-old mum Khaola Saleem were being stabbed to death by Janbaz Tarin, 21, in front of the very house they had fled to for safety.

The double murder in Solihull in 2018 - which features in Monday’s episode of Killer Britain on Crime+Investigation -

shocked the nation and devastated a close-knit family who had sought a safe haven in the UK after fleeing war-torn Syria.

In an exclusive interview, Nour Norris - Khaola’s sister and Raneem’s aunt - told The Sun the heart was ripped out of their family on what she calls the “dark night”.

“Khaola and Raneem were everything to everybody in the family,” she says.

“Khaola was the oldest, 12 years older than me, and we all looked up to her as a big sister. We had been close my whole life.

“She was the heart of the family, and Raneem was blossoming, ready to take the whole world.

“It has been an absolutely horrific time in our life. Not to lose one but to lose two, in the most painful way.”

Raneem was just 19 when she met Tarin at college, and on their first meeting he told her “You’ll be mine.”

He began calling her obsessively, following her and trying to hound her into a relationship, stopping only when she married another man and had a son.

The marriage broke down after a year, and Tarin came back into her life - to the unease of her family.

“From day one, he was manipulative towards her mentally and physically,” says Nour.

“She kept a lot from us so by the time we noticed the extent of it, he was controlling her and it was too late into the relationship.”

The couple wed in 2016, and Nour says Khaola was upset before the wedding, knowing her daughter was making a mistake.

“Khaola didn’t know how to deal with the whole situation and was really worried, but at the time we didn't realise that she was being controlled. Even though she didn't want him she didn't have a choice at that stage,” says Nour.

“On the day of the marriage, we tried to be happy for her because this was what she wanted, and we thought she was in love with him - but she had hidden the worst side of him.”

In reality, Tarin threatened to harm Raneem and her family if she didn’t marry him, telling her: “The day you leave me is the day I kill you.”

After the wedding Nour says Raneem deliberately distanced herself from the family and her health began to suffer.

Unbeknownst to her family, she was being physically and mentally abused and began suffering from panic attacks and joint pain, even calling an ambulance three times.

After Tarin went back to his native Afghanistan in November 2016, she discovered he had a pregnant wife and two children there.

She finally plucked up the courage to tell her husband it was over - but his threatening behaviour began to escalate.



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